11/13/12 - 25 Man Mogu'shan Vaults at 7

90 Pandaren Monk
No Drama will be hosting a 25 man group on 11/13/12 and will be PUGging to fill empty seats. We are currently 5/6 in the 10 man Normal version of this instance. While we do not expect to be able to get 5/6 on Tuesday night, we do expect some success. No Drama has been making an effort to re-launch our 2 10 man teams and this 25 man is being put together with intent of being a recruiting effort. You need not be interested in joining our guild to come along, but if you want to check us out, this would be a chance to do it.

As long as spots remain available, to get into the 25 man group as a PUG, you need only to be fully gemmed and enchanted and to have completed all of the Moshu'gan Vault fights in LFR (even if you didn't really even understand the proper mechanics of the fight). Loot will be free role with main spec over off-spec. No limit will be placed on how many pieces of gear a specific individual is eligible to win. Patterns will be rolled for by anyone who is already at 600 in the appropriate profession. In the unlikely event that a Blood Spirit drops, it will be kept by No Drama. If a mount drops (not expecting to kill Elegon though), it will be rolled by everyone in the raid. Loot WILL NOT be handed out fast enough for you to make decisions on whether or not to use your coins for extra loot chance. Make your decisions on coin usage with the assumption that you won't win any item the boss drops. If the group does reasonably well, we will reconvene on Wednesday night taking the same people when possible. We reserve the right to drop people from the group if their performance warrants it. Send me a note in game if you are interested.

Specifically, I am looking for DPS toons of any variety except those that use agility. For purpose of the run Tuesday night, we should have all tank and heal spots covered. For recruiting purposes, I will have some interest in DPS Strength users who can maintain a strong main or offspec as tank. Beyond that, there is a lot of room for intellect using ranged DPS to find a permanent spot in our raid teams.

For this expansion, No Drama has made a reduction in our raiding hours. We raid Tuesday through Thursday 7-9:30 server time. We occasionally will put a Sunday night raid on the calendar for 7-9:30 as well. Right now we have only been fielding 1 10man team, but it is our intent to be running with 2 10 man teams as soon as we can. These are fluid rather than fixed teams as we actively avoid cliques and favoritism.
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