To all citizens of Ironforge

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Cray flicked the edge of the papers with his thumb thoughtfully.

Things hadn't gone quite as well as he'd hoped the night before. So many people still clung to Nynra's innocence, though Cray was still utterly unconvinced.

Still, he thought things had been set in motion. Now he just had to hope that the Ironforge Guard had managed to find more proof of treason that the Stormwind City Watch had managed.

"Time to head back to Ironforge," he muttered, giving a whistle to call Gust to him. The gryphon landed obediently, and Cray clambered aboard as gracefully as he could with a bandaged shoulder and a file from the City Watch clutched under his arm.
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Dear Ms. Derscha Kettlebomb,

It is true that I have not yet ordered a raid upon your office in Darnassus, but I do require answers to the accusations coming from Ironforge, and I do require reasonable assurance that that existing trade restrictions and embargoes are being properly adhered to.

It is for that reason that I will be sending Ms. Verronia Fay to your Darnassus office to audit your records, which of course will require the cooperation on the part of your staff there. For now, this is a request - one that I hope you will comply with so that we may both put this matter behind us. However, if a scope limitation is to be imposed on her work, additional action on my part will be required.

Please respond as quickly as you can. Time in my world often equates to far more than money.

Best Regards,
-Warden Kyalin Raintree
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((If anyone needs to get in touch with Buldin (or any of my other toons) IC, in-game mail works. I'll get back to you within a day or two.))
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When the expected knock came, Orwyn was putting his signature to the last of the daily patrol reports. "Come in, Nostrae," he said without looking up.

The King's Prosecutor entered Orwyn's office, followed by Officer Pepper. "Good evening Commander."

"Good evening to you as well. Glad you could come." Orwyn looked up and smiled at Nostrae, and then exchanged a quick salute with Officer Pepper. "Please have a seat, both of you."

Orwyn began, "ok, so. The first thing is that we've found solid evidence that Conclave isn't involved in any treasonous activity."

"Yet," interjected Officer Pepper.

Orwyn sighed and looked briefly at the ceiling before continuing. " Marshall Atrius directed them to try and communicate with Horde dissidents regarding possible peace settlements. It's in writing."

Hearing this, Nostrae nodded.

"Also, Genevra Stoneheardt showed me a letter in which a Mr. Dashadeash admitted to attempting to blackmail Conclave over those efforts," Orwyn said.

Nostrae gave Orwyn an incredulous look. " He...wrote a letter about it?"

Orwyn nodded. "And signed it. Handwriting analysis says it's a valid signature. 95% probablity."

Returning to her usual curt analysis of the matter at hand, Nostrae observed, "Whether Dashadeash wrote the letter doesn't even really matter in regards to the accusations against Conclave though. It's still blackmailing an organization that, according to the evidence, is completely in the clear. Is Conclave going to ask for an investigation into the blackmail letter?"

"They're thinking it over," answered Orwyn.

Officer Pepper mused, "Blackmail...Why are they blackmailing Conclave?

"That's a good question," Orwyn answered. "One that I'd like to ask Mr. Dashadeash. Perhaps he has a personal dislike of their communications with the Horde. It wouldn't be the first time. This whole affair seems to have caused some outrage with the usual hardliners."

"Where can this Mr. Dashadeash be found?" asked Officer Pepper.

"Ironforge. He's apparently friends with Commander Buldin. Interestingly enough"

Nostrae frowned, " Isn't that a conflict of interest?"

Orwyn shrugged, "It certainly raises some questions. Well Nostrae, I believe the Conclave investigation is wrapped up, unless you have some objection."

Nostrae answered matter of factly, "Not at all."

After a brief pause as Officer Pepper excused himself to return to the medical lab, Orwyn continued the discussion. "Now, regarding AAMS and other neutral organizations. Apparently the Ironforge Guards are requiring neutral groups to file a permit in order for them to be allowed in Ironforge, and they are actively looking to arrest AAMS members. Again, it's over fears of communication and possible collaboration with the Horde."

Nostrae crinkled her nose. " And I suppose they want to bar the Argent Crusade and Kirin Tor from the city as well?"

Orwyn shrugged. "I haven't heard."

"Well if they're going to declare issues with neutral organizations, I'd like to see them deal with Lord Fodring about it, Nostrae observed disapprovingly."

Orwyb grinned slightly at her reaction. "Well, I don't believe Stormwind has any reason to implement any kind of permit system ourselves. Seems you agree."

Nostrae concurred, " It would be burdensome and useless in the long run. Unless the King states otherwise, I would assume it's business as usual. AAMS included. They've never been anything but forthright with us."

"I agree," Orwyn said. "The war certainly puts them in a difficult situation now though. It's more difficult to assume that the exchanges are harmless. However I believe the fault lies with those groups who would be improperly using the service though, instead of the service itself."

"I concur. I also feel that it is better to have a service with standards that we can trust to notify us if anything dangerous occurs...rather than people using secretive means. Let's face it, if people want to communicate, they'll find ways," Nostrae observed.

Orwyn nodded, "Plenty of underground options and neutral territory. So, we're in agreement on AAMS to let them, and the other neutral organizations continue their business as long as they continue to follow our existing laws."
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"So, that just leaves the matter of Ms. Nynra. She's also wanted by the Guard and the Wardens for treasonous communications with the Horde, supposedly." Orwyn sighed and looked a bit perturbed. "I told Commander Buldin our investigation cleared her of the allegations from the earlier round of Horde - Alliance fighting. He didn't believe it."

"And they have new evidence?"

"Welll, new charges at least. I'm not sure about the evidence. Although apparently being undead is enough. Yes, they found that out."

Nostrae rolled her eyes. "So they're going to arrest all the deathknights in the alliance now as well? Suffering undeath might be considered distasteful, but illegal? Not in anything I've read. By the Light these people need to read more..."

Orwyn gave Nostrae a look of resignation. "Preaching to the choir, Nostrae. Anyway, we'll check it out, but I'm not expecting to find anything. Seems more like a roundup of war dissidents than anything else."

Nostrae assumed her typical put-out expression. "Don't these people have enough new casework? Just tell her to stay in Crown lands for now. They wouldn't arrest her in our territory, and we'll just refuse to extradite if asked."

Orwyn leaned back in his chair. "That would seem to make sense. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they would have to provide convincing evidence to justify extradition of a citizen."

"They would. Now, they could play hard ball and then refuse to do the same for us...which could be troublesome."

"Well, we *always* provide solid evidence with our requests." Orwyn chuckled. "So, the only difficulty here is that I'm unsure if she ever took the oath of citizenship. Unless the investigation happens to turn up something, I'll have Mr. Ho send her an official letter notifying her of the allegations, so that she can look into getting an attorney. Whomever she retains can get her citizenship status resolved."

Orwyn paused for a second gazed thoughtfully around his office before returning to Nostrae. "So we're in agreement there too. I think that about covers it."

Nostrae agreed, "For now at least. I should go get some rest, have a good night Orwyn."

"Thanks Nostrae." Orwyn smiled at her as she rose to leave, before returning to his paperwork.
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(( And people wonder why Rper's are leaving this server. Ehh, there are other servers out there more ponds to swim in where people can see eye to eye. Good Luck Cenarion Circle. Best wishes, from Ladiehawyk. *as it won't let me post on her as she is newly transfered* ))
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11/19/2012 05:21 AMPosted by Izzadorra
(( And people wonder why Rper's are leaving this server. Ehh, there are other servers out there more ponds to swim in where people can see eye to eye. Good Luck Cenarion Circle. Best wishes, from Ladiehawyk. *as it won't let me post on her as she is newly transfered* ))

((Let's not get started on this.

For those who are still following this storyline, Kyalin is still in the game and I'd be happy to move this along from the Darnassian side if some of you believe that this is over :) . I won't be on today, but I can rejoin the matter on Tuesday.... and I have Wednesday finally off too!))
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((I find it a shame that some simple, fun RP is causing all this trouble. Can't we all just get along... OOCly? *passes out cookies*))
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*Utilizing AAMS, some angry maggots, and a confused Hewt Owl, Abominus takes Tyrynna's cookies*
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((Ethillian has taken over the Ironforge Guard. Good luck to all parties involved.))
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Several animated quills danced around the room, scribbling templates for pages of workpapers at a furious pace - all pre-numbered and mechanically written. Ms. Fay was sorting them into a carefully organized pile as the Warden entered her little home-made-office, regarding the quills with an equal share of curiosity and disgust. With the wave of a hand, Verronia caused the quills to drop.

"Wasn't there something I told you about doing that?"

"In order to combat my addiction - an addiction that we all have, some magic use is required." Verronia countered. "So long as it's used for my work and I retain the moderation that you have spoken so highly of, does it matter?"

The Warden's eyes wandered across the different half-complete workpaper templates, strewn across the desk. "I'm just concerned is all... but, you will be pleased to know that I've spoken with Ms. Kettlebomb just a few hours ago. She's given the go-ahead for the audit... with some conditions but none that I will expect will impact your work and your opinion."

Verronia sat silently for a moment, nodding to herself briefly before speaking again. "Anything I need to know about the company?"

Kyalin nodded. "As a matter of fact, yes. I questioned her on the matter of the investigation that the Ironforge guard had opened into her activities. She evaded my questions for over an hour, providing non-answers, or answers which were woefully unsatisfactory. I believe you can safely assess your control risk at the maximum - I didn't get the impression that they even cared about the information that they were sending."

Shuffling through some of the workpapers, the accountant was almost beaming. "Fantastic... I can omit the tests of controls and simply enhan-"

"No, you're still going to do the test of controls."

With an incredulous look, Verronia stopped. ".... may I ask why?"

"Because you are going to give me a report as to whether they are operating effectively."

"But you just told me that they aren't! Given that they aren't, it would be a more efficient use of my time to just step up my substantive procedures, rather than test controls and then step up substantive procedures."

"I know." Kyalin said flatly.

"Then why are you making me test the controls!?"

"Because, I want to know how they're operating."

Dumbfounded, Verronia shook her head and stared at a silvery crown that she had kept as an ornament on her wall. She shifted as an idea struck, curiously gesturing with her finger at the Warden. "You know, that actually makes me curious... if you know that they don't care, why didn't you just arrest them then? Shut down the office now? You're well within your rights to. You have enough information."

The Warden again shook her head. "Verronia... most craftsmen can tell you within a second what it is they produce in their trade. Can you? What is the core thing that you told me that you deliver that was so important? What product comes out of all of this work?"

Verronia was again silent. She knew the answer, but at this point was embarrassed to share it. As the Warden's expression grew more and more impatient, she finally, and weakly replied. "Assurance."

The Warden nodded. "Yes... Assurance. I have come to you for assurance, assurance that if I am to nail these people to the wall, that I will have done it properly."

Verronia nodded, hanging her head somewhat "I understand, Ms. Raintree. I'm sorry... is there anything else?"

"Yes, Ms. Fay... please be very liberal in declaring a scope limitation. They are with the understanding that they are to provide you with everything you need, so there should be no reason for why they would deny you a look at anything... Oh, and I have two sentinels hiding around their office, checking to see if they are destroying any of their information, but do keep your eyes open for evidence of that... and let me know if you should find anything."

Verronia nodded, scribbling something down. "Very well... I expect to be able to visit sometime after I return from Booty Bay..."

"No, Verronia." The Warden said quickly. "I need you to do it before they have a chance to prepare for you. I need you to have this done before you leave."

Verronia shot her attention up, looking as though ready to protest as the Warden turned to leave. "That's non-negotiable." Kyalin added as she proceeded out.

Frowning, Verronia waved her hand again, causing the quills to spring to life once more, as she reached for another stack of blank sheets.
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((Now, before you complain about the accounting-heavy post... Remember everyone! Good Accounting is important!

Always foot your balances!))
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((For those who don't want to weed through this thing, after asking a few questions of Derscha, the audit has come to the conclusion that trade compliance is being met, despite material weaknesses in internal control.))

To Warden Kyalin Raintree, and Ms. Derscha Kettlebomb,

Per Warden Raintree's request, I have audited the records of compliance and internal control over activities related to compliance of the Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service for the three years ended on the date of this letter. Trade compliance and the documents which support it are the responsibility of the service's management. My responsibility is to express an opinion on that record of compliance and the internal controls related to it based on my audits.

I conducted my audits in accordance with standards commonly used in Stormwind City and the kingdom thereof, along with additional specific parameters defined by Warden Raintree. Those standards require that I plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether trade compliance is met. An audit involves examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the assertion that the Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service is compliant with existing trade restrictions, of both the Alliance and of Darnassus. My audits also assessed any significant policies and procedures related to restricted activities, to assess the likelihood that said policies would prevent attempts to violate existing trade restrictions. I believe that these audits form a reasonable basis for my opinion.

A company's internal control processes are designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of many reporting objectives, including financial statement reporting, and assertions related to trade compliance, which I was asked to specifically examine. A company's internal control over activities related to trade compliance includes those policies and procedures that (1) pertain to the maintenance of records that, in reasonable detail, accurately and fairly reflect the company's activities; (2) provide reasonable assurance that that activities are recorded as necessary to assure compliance; and (3) provide reasonable assurance regarding prevention or timely detection of unauthorized activities, which could have a material impact on the company's trade compliance.

Because of its inherent limitations, internal control over trade compliance may not prevent or detect unauthorized activities. Also, projections of effectiveness to future periods are subject to the risk that controls may become inadequate because of changes in conditions, or that the degree of compliance with the policies and procedures may deteriorate.

A material weakness is a deficiency, or a combination of deficiencies, in internal control over compliance, such that there is a reasonable possibility that an unauthorized activity will not be prevented or detected on a timely basis. I have identified the following material weakness: The company's internal control processes over the acceptance, recording, and completion of the company's transactions permit individual employees to perform two or three of those duties within any single transaction, with only limited, and easy-to-circumvent monitoring processes to compensate. This weakness could allow the unilateral processing, inaccurate reporting, or complete concealment of activities - including non-compliant activities and fraud committed against the company. This material weakness was considered in determining the nature, timing, and extent of audit tests applied in my audit of trade compliance, and this report does not affect the report on said compliance.

In my opinion, the Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service is in full compliance with current trade restrictions, as enforced by the Alliance, and by Darnassus. However, because of the significance of the matter discussed in the preceding paragraph, the Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service has not maintained effective control over trade compliance.

-Verronia Fay
Bank of Darnassus
Edited by Verronia on 12/3/2012 7:28 AM PST
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(( The AAMS:

-Full of good intentions!
-Incredibly easy to fool!

Remember: you can count on the AAMS for all of your crazy RP shipping shenanigans.

On a serious note, thank you, Kyalin for your involvement and for working together on a result. It was rather fun taking a serious look at the guild. It really highlights the difference between what works in the RP world (where we have to account for Rule of Fun) and what works in real life. I'm much happier being the CEO of an RP company than a real one!

Now to wrap up the Ironforge issue...))
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((I probably ought to post more examples Verronia not being responsible for an audit failures... I know that a Night Elf auditor shouldn't be as reliable as a human or a goblin, but she's beginning to look like she's running Arthur Andersen here....))
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