The torch of strength


90 Dwarf Hunter
... my god I hate this daily.

remove some of the tornados or slow them down.
its wayyyyyyyy to frustrating to be a daily quest.
100 Worgen Druid
this daily can go die, thanks. it has zero tolerance for even a tiny bit of lag, and the tornados tend to line up in ways that are impassable. Please delete this quest from the rotation, and force whoever came up with this abomination to do it over and over and over as punishment.
100 Blood Elf Priest
Had dailies proc there only twice, never completed this torch daily.

Absolute RNG based and virtually impossible. This game is not conducive to hair-trigger reaction moves. Unless you have zero latency and highest refresh rates AND the hand-eye coordination and reaction time of a military super-sniper, you're gonna fail. Fail miserably.

Yes, I mouse-run and turn. PvPers should be better at this daily but blargh! Keep it the same but let the torch take a few blows before going out OR let us restart from the last building we passed through. You know, even birthday candles don't go out with one blow!!

Had it again last night. Gave up in disgust after two tries.
90 Pandaren Monk
Absolute RNG based and virtually impossible. This game is not conducive to hair-trigger reaction moves. Unless you have zero latency and highest refresh rates AND the hand-eye coordination and reaction time of a military super-sniper, you're gonna fail. Fail miserably.

I have an 80 ms connection that spikes regularly with 500-1000 ms lag. I don't have the coordination or reaction time of a military super-sniper (FAR from it). I succeeded on the second try, and the only reason I failed on the first was because I didn't realize that the wind line out the northern end of the first building is a "don't go this way" sign (I tried to go over it).

They really are trivial to avoid if you have a bit of patience to figure out the pattern. Look ahead, keep an eye on the entire area, and don't take risks. It's very simple, honestly.
100 Blood Elf Priest
Yeah so I've been told. There's a definite pattern and obviously do-able. It's just more fun to blame randomness and freak out rather than own up to my spaziness and inability to Stop running like a headless chicken.

If I ever get that one again, I may endeavor to learn it and beat it. But seriously, I have other things to do! No time to sit and stare and learn patterns. Moar dailies are waiting!!
90 Blood Elf Paladin
You guys ever play/beat frogger? Guessing not...
100 Blood Elf Priest
11/01/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Glorÿ
You guys ever play/beat frogger? Guessing not...

You ever played frogger with lag? Did you ever do Naxx in Wrath with the frogger/slimes that looked (to you) to be safe to cross but wasn't cuz latency?

At least you don't insta-die like that with the torch quest.
100 Night Elf Druid
Set hearthstone to the innkeeper at White Tiger temple... daily becomes much easier.
90 Undead Rogue
I could fail a time or two, but i like this one.
All the other August dailies are kill/collect, we have enough of that.
Well, there's one crane that's different too.
90 Human Warlock
lol sad you cant dodge tornados dont worry one day you might have some skill
!@#$ this daily and all it's brothers ...
100 Draenei Paladin
I spent an hour trying to do this daily and after about 25 tries I gave it up as a lost cause.

I don't have the cat like reflexes or the manual dexterity to do it so I am just going to ignore it from now on.

Sorry Blizzard but with a 200ms lag connection I am unable to do this one.
90 Troll Mage
Be a mage. You can go right instead of left and blink past the wind, then the tornadoes past are very easy to dodge. Or a warlock and use your eye of kilrogg summon thing.
90 Troll Priest
It's not overly hard, even at 250 ms, the problem is I'm not in the mood to pay attention for a daily.
90 Orc Warrior
as if this quest werent annoying enough..

today, the bridge with the three tornadoes: ALL THREE TORNADOES WERE LINED UP PERFECTLY. FORMING AN IMPASSABLE WALL. we waited for a while and they started to separate a little. so we attmpted. nope.

so we got new torches and tried again; tornadoes still too close together. after sitting around waiting a few minutes, we tried again. nope.

so this quest, on top of being (in my opinion) too challenging for a daily - is prone to breaking and becoming impossible to complete.

Im not even gonna bother accepting it anymore. its too much of a time sink for a daily. and we shouldnt be getting frustrated to the point of abandoning a daily.
100 Human Warlock
I like this daily.
20 Blood Elf Rogue
This daily sucks normally, but now the opposite faction on my server just camps it. The level of frustration that this quest brings me EVERY TIME I do it is immeasurable.

Imagine doing this quest and every time you get to the end there is a rogue who saps you and makes sure your torch goes out. You have a trinket or a racial passive? There's a cat druid and a hunter stealthed too that you didn't know about. This is my life.

Take this quest out or make it so that you aren't such an easy troll target.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
i tried to do this daily a few times and decided it wasnt worth the time or rep it was giving me.... i got to revered almost just as fast as anyone else.... I just will continue to ignore it exists.
90 Undead Hunter
Guide to it, go over the hill then past the tree and go on the side of the building follow the path to the bridge then dodge the tornadoes (not at the end of the bridge) the at the space in between the rope thing and pillar thing jump onto land and wait for the two tornadoes to pass then go to the brazier and win
100 Orc Shaman
rofl, if there is something to complain about people will, priceless
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