Yesterday I spent 2 hours kiting a botter

90 Tauren Paladin

This fellow right here was farming tricksters in the Vale, but was acting rather strange, constantly rubberbanding around and never once using a mount.

I followed him around for a bit, stood next to him, emoted, no responses. Knowing how touchy bot software can be, I taunted tricksters off him and his bot became completely non-responsive until I finally killed said tricksters a few minutes later.

Even further intrigued, I attacked him. The bot exhibited the same kind of behaviour as a standard mob, and as long as I maintained "aggro", it would blindly follow me anywhere, constantly attempting to reach melee range.

So I kited him into the shrine of two moons, where he spent the next few hours being killed by guards, other horde players, and myself.

After all was said and done I checked out his armory profile, and it's kind of sad to see an old account like this with multiple collector's editions and feats dating back to BC getting thrown away simply to bot friggin SKYSHARDS.

Anyway, yeah, this guy bots, and not very well.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Account isn't hacked, check their activity feed. No way that's a hacked gold farmer account.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
Even on Archimonde, there are quite a few botters. Its not as apparent on higher pop servers but on ones as small as ours, it becomes much more evident.
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90 Human Warrior
You might be surprised. There are a few on alliance side for sure. More so of gathering bots.
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90 Tauren Shaman
Soooo uhhhhh, I know of a particular individual that has been botting in a former guild that I lost respect for (guild and individual) (and fyi no it is not bow down encase anyone from that guild happens to be reading this). And I'm interested in being very childish at the moment, I want to turn this guy in purely out of spite....what would I need to do? Just put in a ticket for an individual caught botting and there account would be banned, as easy as that?
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90 Draenei Hunter
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90 Human Rogue
ermahgerd opti <3
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