{H} RShammy Looking for Progression Guild

90 Goblin Shaman

What I'm looking for:
I'm looking for a 10m group that is downing bosses before the inevitable nerfs. Ive never done Hard Modes, but I would REALLY like to get into them. Im looking for at least 6 hours of progression a week, plus a few of farm, of course if the entire tier is on farm I don't really care =p I'm somewhat strict on the 10m as my current comp cant quiet handle 25m without an unacceptable amount of lag. I also realize I'm not ready just yet, but I hope to have that fixed within the week.

Wrath- Upto Blood Council and Prof 10. Same on 25. Guild had DPS issues.
Cata- I quit playing shortly after release due to Resto being nerfed into the ground, then came back for DS and mained a Lock, got to Spine 10m Normal, the guild fell apart after repeated 1% wipes.
Vanilla and BC I did progression raiding on my hunter with the SGA of Perenolde.

I use Vhudo, DBM, Omen, Vent, TS, Mumble and Im willing to use any addon the guild requires other than UIs. For some reason they always lag me out. Tho I have experience with nUi. I will send a screen shot of my usual UI setup upon request.

Gearing Methodology:
I stack Spirit, Mastery and Crit. Spirit for Mana regen, Mastery for Throughput and Crit for Throughput and Regen. Haste I forge away from as soon as the first break point is reached.

Because I work nights I cant make the usual raid times. I have 1 night off a week, and weekends. The 1 day a week is preferred Wednesdays, but as it is a floating day I'm somewhat flexible on that.

Any other questions please contact me in-game or post in this thread thank you for your time ^.^
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
you should message me ingame
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