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The Enlightened Ones / The Illuminated Ones

"Though our future is uncertain, we remain steadfast that with the proper knowledge and application, we can see peace between the factions and end the bloodshed our world has been torn apart by. With knowledge comes great responsibility to help our kin see the light - the true light." -- Rennali A. Sunwhisper; Declaration of the Headmaster

Welcome to the Enlightened and the Illuminated; a group dedicated to the pursuit and distribution of unfettered knowledge on Azeroth. We are teachers, students, philanthropists, adventurers, engineers, scientists, writers, philosophers and dreamers. We do not allow the perimeters of Alliance or Horde law dictate that which we allow ourselves to learn or teach. Nestled in neutral territory, we invite those who wish to expand their mind, body and spirit to interact with us and join us.

Our motto: "Alterius non sil qui suus esse polest" means: Let no man be another's who can be his own. This means that through the seeking of wisdom shall we truly be free of the bonds which enslave us to the status quo.

Those who seek to teach and those who seek to learn are welcome equally and given equal chances to excell and grow. Just because someone is a teacher does not mean they too cannot become students in another field and vice versa. All races, all classes of individuals and all levels of experience are welcomed to join.

Pre-requisities to Joining:

* Must maintain an open mind and an open heart. When we open ourselves up to the knoweldge of others, we may find something we didn't already know.

* Must not bring weapons to any group meetings (unless previously approved by the one leading the instruction). We do not want our discussions to turn to bloodshed.

* Must conduct one's self accordingly. Behavior is paramount to maintain order and accept the ebb and flow of knowledge in the instructions. If you feel you will not be able to conduct yourself with any modicum of respect or dignity, we ask that you politely excuse yourself or simply elect not to attend the given instruction.

OOC Information:

Guild Name: <The Illuminated Ones>
Full Guild Title: The Illuminated Academy for Higher Public Education
Faction: Alliance (but we are willing to assist our neutral Horde brethren)
Guild Level: 21
Website: (Under Construction)
Officers: Rennali, Luthareas, Velroth, Mordren
Junior Officers: Balvarine, Mirawen, Bazern, Braylor


The Upper Tier (Those who have been inducted into the "Illuminated")
--High Council
The Lower Tier (Those who have not been inducted)


What is the Enlightened OOC?

The Enlightened Ones have two faces. The main face is the public schooling. We provide teachers and places for people to come and listen in on instructions. The second face are those who are known as the "Illuminated." They are a secret society of educators and students who seek to make change in the world - both Alliance and Horde. They are the keepers of deeper, more advanced knowledge and more often darker secrets that would otherwise devastate the average John Q. Public.

What if someone wanted to be involved and not join the guild?

We understand that you have your guilds and the people you like hanging out with and may not be willing to join traditionally (i.e., have the floating nametag). If there are those who want to be teachers and students without being confined to a guild, we welcome that with open arms. Those who want to participate should get into contact with Rennali either here on the forums or send mail in-game. I plan on sending calender invites out as well as helping to plan instructions that are open to the public so if I don't get your name on the calender invite, be sure to check the forums frequently for updates on times, locations and instructors.
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FAQ (Con't)

What if someone wanted to join the guild?

Everyone starts out as "probationary." What does this mean? Probationary is a time where we check out your dedication to the guild and how often you can hold in-character instructions. Those who wish to enter as students have a 3 week cap on activity and those who seek to become teachers have a 1 month cap. Activity does not mean logging on, saying hi, doing dailies and logging off. Activity means attending instructions (even if you plan on becoming an instructor yourself) and making plans to hold your own. We expect "students" to attend at least 2 instructions in their three-week cap and instructors must make at least 3 events.

Do you have uniforms?

Yes. However, uniforms are provided free of charge and must be worn during attended events. If you choose to wear them other than that, you won't be heckled. We ask that those who are in the guild wear these to identify their rank clearly. As you move up, the uniforms improve. Once you have made it to "Acolyte," "Professor," "Advisor." or "Scholar" you are no longer required to wear the provided uniforms and may attend events in whatever you choose. NOTE: While at events, we ask that anyone attending who is in the guild or is affiliated with the guild (i.e., those who have been initated into the Illuminated) refrain from wearing any faction-specific tabard. If you had to buy the tabard from the tabard-lady in Stormwind - as an example - we ask that you don't sport it. Those not directly affiliated are not bound to this, of course.

How does one rank up?

Activity. Activity. Activity. The more active you are, and the more your toon grows, the higher ranking you will get. After the probation period, students become "Neophytes" and teachers become "Acolytes." From there, you are watched for the following things:

1. Knowledge in the category(ies) that you have personally chosen
2. Ability to apply the knowledge in both a 'student' and 'instructor' setting
3. Activity within the guild both IC and OOC

Yes, there are more dynamics to how one ranks up, but these are the basic three.

How are events set up?

Getting into contact with Rennali and letting her know the following:

* Name of the Instructor:
* Type of Instruction Given:
* Credentials (what makes you an expert in this field?):
* Place:
* Time:
* Faction:
* Special Instructions for those attending:
* How Long it May Run:

After that, I will make a calender invite for those who send me their names (room allowing) and set it up here on the forums so that you can refer people here if you want to remind them.
Events Outlook

Knight's Training (Silver Hand / Argent Crusade)
Where: Quel'Danil Lodge
When: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
Time: 7 PM
Instructors: Luthareas Riverwind & Balverine Drakewing
Instructions: TBA
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90 Worgen Druid
So basically the Enlightenment philosophers of WoW? This sounds pretty awesome. I might have to join up on another character. And Ferenold might have to give it a Burkean bashing.
Edited by Ferenold on 11/4/2012 9:36 AM PST
Feel free to join on a toon or simply get into contact with me to set up public instructions.
Edited by Rennali on 11/4/2012 9:37 AM PST
90 Worgen Warrior
My radical Lockean political philosopher. I look forwards to joining. :D
"The publicly educated do nothing but scare the weak, encourage anarchy, and incite riots! They see themselves as saviors and heroes, but when in reality, they undermine culture and encourage evil to arise from baseless knowledge!" -Janette

But anyways, I love the idea.
90 Worgen Warrior
"The publicly educated do nothing but scare the weak, encourage anarchy, and incite riots! They see themselves as saviors and heroes, but when in reality, they undermine culture and encourage evil to arise from baseless knowledge!" -Janette

But anyways, I love the idea.

And yet she encourages industrialization, which inevitably requires knowledge to drive. Tsk tsk.
"The publicly educated do nothing but scare the weak, encourage anarchy, and incite riots! They see themselves as saviors and heroes, but when in reality, they undermine culture and encourage evil to arise from baseless knowledge!" -Janette

But anyways, I love the idea.

<rubs hands together> But that is the point... Mwahahaha!
<rubs hands together> But that is the point... Mwahahaha!

*Points* See! My proof!
93 Draenei Hunter
I'm curious how Keyaloth will preform, he's a soldier not a scholar.
11/04/2012 10:18 AMPosted by Keyaloth
I'm curious how Keyaloth will preform, he's a soldier not a scholar.

Clearly he's just around to be eye-candy.
93 Draenei Hunter
11/04/2012 10:21 AMPosted by Rennali
Clearly he's just around to be eye-candy.

I'm ok with this.
Get back up there.
93 Draenei Hunter
11/04/2012 12:01 PMPosted by Rennali
Get back up there.

90 Pandaren Warrior
93 Draenei Hunter
Zhao! I heard you're teaching Warrior PvP skills..I may be interested in learning since I'm going to PvP on mine.
11/04/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Zhaø

Hi, Lurvantisaurus.
90 Pandaren Warrior
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