Hey all <Cryptic> is a newly formed guild looking to begin 10 man raiding and progression as quickly as we can. And perhaps transitioning into 25 man raids in the future as well, depending on what our members want. The guild is being led by people who have experience in all raids through Dragon Soul, and we are looking for members who want to have fun raiding, but progress and do heroics as soon as possible.

We're currently recruiting all classes, but need a few DPS and a couple of healers to really get things going. And then we will of course always be on the lookout for exceptional players. Raid times have not been set in stone, and we will take into consideration what people want and when people are available, as everyone currently is quite flexible.

We do expect that you know your class inside and out, and you know all of the fights ahead of time. We of course will go over things, but you need to have at least watched a couple videos of it. We're here to have fun, but we also want to progress as far and fast as possible.

For more information or to apply visit cryptic.mmopost.com or contact Rucati or Matheon in game.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we're looking forward to any and all responses.