Hey folks the title says it all. I am newer to this server and on my old server I used to run a thing I called Super Pug on 25 man content for those who didnt have a guild to see the content. I wanted to do something similar here. With LFR people get to see the stuff at least but there is better gear out there from 10 man normal.

So I am looking to run a 10 man normal Mogu. Keep in mind this will not be a faceroll like LFR is. Expect wiping. Your gear should be heroic gear quality or better. We will have spots open for heals dps and tanks. If this is something that might interest you please contact me ingame on Cartar or Triank. We would like to shoot for a 10:30 am server time on saturday.

Loot will be a main spec need before greed roll. Normally in the past the rule has been if you win 1 item you are done unless the item was going to rot or offspec. Then if you have two people who have both won something then it refreshes to a roll off again if a 3rd piece drops that both can use.

I look forward to meeting a few of you ingame.