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90 Human Monk
I know that the grind for honor gear is going to be aweful... any and all stuns on me is pretty much instant death. Any suggestions on how to do this grind without pulling out my hair... or is there no place for DPS monks in pvp?
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90 Troll Shaman
Crafted Leather Agi PvP gear to start off, beyond that, think about it this way, for every stunlock and tunnel you eat, its a better geared/designed teammate that isnt being beat up.
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90 Human Monk
I'm actually doing the same grind as you are! I started off getting 4pc of the contender's set and then working on getting the honor PvP pieces. The gloves are very nice, for the mobility bonus.

I don't feel totally useless in BGs, though. If I'm not being targeted, I can do decent damage, and my stuns / paralyze / silence can be useful for locking down a healer. Transcendence is also awesome for flag carrying and the temple of kotmogu. For some reason, I do really well as an orb carrier in temple - it's lots of fun!

You're right on the stuns, though, which sucks cause there are so many stuns this expansion. Sometimes I literally ToK warriors when I see them so much as target me =(
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90 Human Hunter
Actually, the grind doesn't take aslong as you'd think. It took me about a day of solid PvP, including tol barad every 2 hours. ( Setting alarm clock for it, lifes are for shmoes ). That's including farming an extra 4k or so honor for my transmog. Of course, I did have 4k JP and HP as soon as I hit 90. That boosted me quite a bit, preperation saves time!

As far as grinding? Make a game out of it, be silly. Enjoy it, three warriors and a healer coming your way? Nope, so much nope. Just fly off into the sunset, monks can do these things. They have the power!

Or if you'd rather take it a bit slower, log on do a few BG's. Make note of the TB timer and hit it up when possible, it will fly by. I Like to pick up the pieces, from most expensive to cheapest. It's an illusion that makes it go faster, but maybe that's just me.

Hope this helped! Good luck on farming!
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