Come join the Cheese

100 Gnome Warrior
Cheese Vendor wants more! We are a casual, social, active guild filled with great individuals. Are you looking for guildmates to run dungeons - we have tanks who like to run! Like to work on achievements - hell yeah, we'll run ICC again (well, some of us will). Like to just chat with people as you solo your way across Azeroth - we talk! Would you like to raid, but really only have time for it once a week? Do you dislike drama and jerks? If so, we may be the place for you!

Members of Cheese Vendor are a mixed bag of people who focus on fun in game. The guild has a strong core of active members who enjoy a variety of activities in-game. We are looking for more people to play with us. We really aren't interested in those who log on and off and never bother to interact. We like to play!

We have all the fun Level 25 guild perks - mounts, pets, cauldrons, gear, excessive bank tabs and vent. Of course, we have a tabard (it has a bunny on it!).

We had a solid little 10-man raiding team that raided once a week during Cata and plan to go at it again in MoP - currently Wednesday nights. The team is looking for a healer and ranged dps. If real life happens we don't mind too much. Most of us are too busy these days for hard-core progression, but enjoy raiding and have gone through the content with the desire to experience it and play together. We don't mind if you are new to raiding. In fact, we are perfect for the new raider or person with limited time, but the desire to raid. We are patient and helpful. We casually work hard at our raiding!

*If you are a PVP junky, we are probably not the guild for you, although we do have members who hit battlegrounds and arenas frequently. It's just not our focus.

If interested, contact an officer in-game through chat or mail, or leave a message here!
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Havarti or Swiss? I can't decide. HELP ME MAKE UP MY MIND!!!!!
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100 Blood Elf Priest
This thread is cheesy.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
cheddar is better
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100 Gnome Warrior
I prefer a mimolette, but it's really just cheddar in a cute ball with a French accent.
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90 Worgen Druid
I just had a smoked gouda that was pretty good; but hands down the very best cheese I have ever had was a Pecorino Tartufo - it has pieces of truffles (the mushroom) in it. Up until last year I had never had a truffle - but by dam its like the crack of the food world. Yummmmmmm.
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100 Gnome Warrior
Bump for Halloween.
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