Well to start, let me say that my guild was small and basically all jumped ship around the time the nerfed Rag in FL (we were SO close to downing him too, ugg). Since then, my brother and I are both actively playing, but that's it.

So. We're looking for a raid to join, I play a Guardian druid and he plays a Fire mage, and we're both pretty respectable with our play, enough so that we could down heroic encounters in the right situation. We'd both played on and off since release, so we have a fair bit of experience to draw on. As for our personalities, we like to joke around and swear (both in our 20's), so a family orientated raid is not for us, but with that said, when it comes time to pull a boss we're down to business.

In other words, we like a laid back, chill group of people who understand that this is just a game, but at the same time want to work to progress in it.

We both cannot raid Tuesday nights, and we both work Mon-Fri so Friday/Saturday nights are out for us as well, as those are our "social" nights, we won't commit to a raid.

Outside of that, we'd like to raid 2 nights a week, and available times are:

Mon,Wed,Thurs 6-11PM Mountain Standard Time
Saturday during the day or Sunday pretty much wide open

Drop me a line if you're interested, maybe even in starting up a new raid group. I pretty much play Prim exclusively now so you can get me in game under that name!