Tornado of Souls is Recruiting to bolster our numbers, we currently have 2 10 man raid groups that are looking to bolster their ranks. we are looking for 1-2 Healers, Monk or Paladin prefered. We are also looking for 3-4 dps . Keep in mind these numbers our to bolster our groups that are currently running. So if you decide to join us we will decide which group fits your needs and availability. One group starts at 8:00PM Server time, and the other group starts at 8:30PM Server Time. Tornado of Souls is one of the longest horde guilds on Lothar, and we like to keep it that way.

We are a very laid back guild but we wont tolerate any drama. If you are interested in joining please speak with either myself (Deshai), Rambodruid or Rambopanda, Depecemode, Deadbuddha, or Argosus.