Birth of Tragedy - [A] Wildhammer - Now Recruiting

Due to schedule conflicts, Birth of Tragedy [BoT] is now looking to recruit two raiders to join our group as we prepare to enter the Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring raids. We are currently 6/6 and hope to fill the spots over the weekend to begin working on a full 16/16 clear starting this upcoming week.

What we are in need of:

1 Healer:
Mistweaver, Holy Paladin, or Resto Shaman

1 DPS:
Mage, Boomkin, or Elemental Shaman

Raid Information:
Required Availability
Tuesdays - Thursdays
7pm - 11pm Server

Sunday or Monday
Time TBD
If everyone is availabe - Not Required

About BoT:

[BoT] was formed in the Summer of 2008 on Wildhammer. Our core raid consists of players who have been playing together since as early as Gruul's Lair. Our core goal as a raiding guild has been to remain competitive with the handful of good guilds, both Horde and Alliance on Wildhammer, as well as maintaining a respectable US position as it compares with other guilds who devote 3 nights a week to raiding. Another key goal of ours is to remain on Wildhammer. While it would be easy to server change as many WH guilds, some who paved the way on this server, have done, we take pride in having been able to widthstand the abandonment of Wildhammer.

Aside from the always crucial skill component we look for, we would also really like to recruit two new individuals who are looking to join the team for the long haul and don't see joining as a quick opportunity at some gear. Gear will come; we are typically some of the best geared players AFKing in Shrine of Seven Stars, but what we're really looking for is to put a stop to the revolving door that plagues all raiding guilds on low-pop servers.

If you're enthusiastic about raiding, enjoy the dedication hard mode progression takes, interested in joing the [BoT] Team, and fit the classes we're looking for please message Kehoe, Leymour, or Giarra in game. And if you fit the role, but not the specific class, and everything else applies, message us any way - it probably just means less gear for Mort.