469 Fury Warrior LF Guild

90 Worgen Warrior
Hi there,

I recently transfered to Alliance from Horde on this server after coming back to the game from a long Hiatus.

I am currently looking for a guild to raid with during the weekday/weeknights. I have open availability during the week except for Thursday evenings.

My current gear score is 469 and I have completed MSV via LFR. I have no other Pandaria raiding experience with any guild. Prior to Cataclysm I was raiding full time as a Combat Rogue in WOTLK. I have no Cataclysm raiding experience as I did take the majority of Cataclysm as a break from the game, made a baby, now Im back :)

I spend a lot of time on the game, have played almost all classes in an end-game raid environment since Vanilla, and look forward to progressing in the new content!

Also: I am willing to tank and have a semi-decent tank set to get started. I also have a 90 Priest on Horde side I may or may not xfer to Alliance in the future.

I am leveling another Alt while I wait for dailies to reset and my PVP partners to be online,

Please contact me on Moardeth or my alt Nienjah. Thanks!

edit: current guild is just for perks. thanks.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
There's quite a few recruitment threads on the main page that you might consider checking out. Out of curiosity however just some basic questions that will help recruiters.

Do you like RBGs?
How many times per week do you prefer to raid?
How important is progression raiding?
What's your arena/rbg experience?
Do you prefer small guilds (10-20 active) or large guilds (30+ active)?
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90 Worgen Warrior
Hey Ort,
2-3 times per week probably be about where im comfortable raiding.

Progression really isnt my thing anymore. I dont care about being the first warrior on the server to get that nice shiny sword, I just want a shinier sword than the one I have.

I do like RBGs and a guild that does them would be even better. RBG experience is slim, but ive been around since the start of Arenas and have 2k~ experience.

Small guilds that are active are best, large guilds tend to have a lot of drama, but a large guild that has good leadership is generally just as good.
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86 Human Mage
Hello! We are a Weekend/Late Night raiding guild. We are aiming for primary raiding Friday/Saturday/Sunday 8pm - 1am. We are not yet an established guild, but we recognize the need for a Weekend Raiding guild that does not currently exist. We are actively recruiting all classes/roles, especially healers and DPS. Founding members of the guild are from Vanilla/BC/Wrath raiding, but quit for Cata, and are excited to start raiding again. During the weekdays (especially later in the night) we want to have fun runs, RBG's, and guild progress or alt gearing runs. If this sounds interesting to you, contact me in-game (Deathmagev/Deathmonkv/victorpatton#1549)
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