<NMB> (25) Currently recruiting for our 10 man main raid team.

We are a weekend raiding guild, due to work and family taking precedence over digital monsters and purple shinnies.

That said our raid times are focused and semi serious, but always take the time to point and laugh at each other.

The Good

We are relaxed, easy going group who enjoy chilling out together in a digital realm. Not complicated.

We enjoy raiding and think of it more as a test of problem solving skill and execution of tasks as a group, than omg I can has epixz.

Our core group are players who have all raided in high end guilds at one stage or another, most in top 5 Oceanic guilds. But we are all older and discovered killing interweb baddies doesn't pay the bills or do our shopping for us. (yet)

The Bad

We are looking for people who prefer a mature, adult and social environment to join our group. Attitudes will outweigh performance as we are not interested in spending our chill time with elitist douches who justify their existence in raid achievements.

The Ugly

We have a core group of like minded people. We are not looking to recruit raiders, we are looking to expand our group.

We have a strict no BS / Drama rule in guild. We respect everyone's point of view and will discuss any issues that arise, however will not tolerate childish or destructive behaviour.

The Info

8pm - 12pm Saturday and Sunday

2x Healers
Resto Shaman / Holy Priest
Holy Paladin / Disc Priest

2x Ranged DPS
Moonkin / Shadow Priest
Mage / Elemental Shaman

1x Melee DPS
Ret Palidin

All classes and specs will be considered. (we aren't close minded. We want the right person more than the right class, main changes within our current group are not off the table)

Entry Level Requirement

- Prefer 463 ilvl, but not a deal breaker.
- Solid theory crafting and raid preparation.
- Can see [Obvious areas of effects] and react accordingly.
- Not shy to put their hand up when they make a mistake.
- Ask questions rather than guessing.
- Work on their character.
- Good sense of humour.
- A team player in and out of raid.

- Prefer people who don't use recount in combat.....but is a personal gripe.

Current Progression

We are 5/10 in forming a raid group

Loot System
BIS > Upgrade
Overall Raid Gain > Personal Ilvl


No need to fill out apps on a webs site, etc etc etc.......

We are looking for someone to fit in to our group and doubt we can determine this from a bunch of text designed for self promotion.

Pst or ingame mail to Tohu, Vixén, Lilorean, Zévorra, Sovereígn or /who Needs Moar Bacon
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