[A] <Syndicate> Recruiting! Late Night Raids.

90 Pandaren Monk
Syndicate is a fairly new raiding guild forming 2 raid groups for late night raiding.

    -Raid times are Friday & Saturday 11:00-3:00 Server time (Cst)

    In need of Healers & Dps - but would prefer Shaman Heals with Dps OS

    -Healers need to be attentive and if undergeared, we will help in the gearing process

    -Dps in the main core group need to know their class and have basic knowledge of rotation and optimization.(will help)

    -Attendance - Raiders will need to make 85% of the raids

    Core Group is pretty solid with experienced players but is not yet filled.

    Second Group isn't quite formed yet so accepting all applications (Raid times will very)

    For recruitment/applications Pm Idoheal : Nyxus : xNPanda

Guild is pretty active especially in the AM for all the late nighters.

Achievement dungeon runs are ran on the regular.

For the more Elitist of groups, I will be organizing some Challenge mode dungeons but requirements may vary from recruitment process.

Guild also does old content for older achievements for you nostalgic nerds.

And for you crazy elitist... Relax I'm just a panda.
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85 Human Warrior
im leveling currently but i would love to join! Arms warrior!
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90 Pandaren Monk
Add me at 90
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85 Human Warrior
Can i just join now? pst me or send mail in game.
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90 Draenei Priest
Maybe you guys wouldn't have so many problems if you didn't keep kicking people for pointless crap?

That being said, I really think you should also avoid kicking your leaders from the guild...
People who have done a lot for the guild and you kick them out for nothing...

Good luck with your search!

oh and have fun being a bunch of lames :)

Elitist guilds on a bad server = bad guild... (just saying)

PST, Wrath... find a guild that would actually help you progress...
hit me up in game and I can help :) Enigma#1519
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90 Night Elf Druid
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6/6 msv 3/6 HoF experience. I heal on this toon ele OS. Ilvl on this toon is only 475 on this toon right now.
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90 Pandaren Monk
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