Shark Science

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Sharks are non-bony fish as they have no bones,but instead,Cartilage is what is there insteadSharks are mainly predatory and eat diets such as:Crusteacans,Fish,Other Sharks,ETC.
Some are non-preadtory and are usually large,such as the Whale Shark.
These more peaceful sharks are called"Gentle Giants"and feed on only plant and meat matter plankton.

I know much more than this but don't feel like typing the rest up right now.

So what do YOU know about sharks?
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90 Goblin Warrior
11/03/2012 09:08 PMPosted by Narasha
So what do YOU know about sharks?

They wanna eat me cuz I look I look like a seal.
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11/03/2012 09:08 PMPosted by Narasha
Sharks are non-bony fish as they have no bones

Their jaws are bone, if my memory is correct. The rest of their skeletal structure is cartilage.
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@snoz: Correct! Also they are classified as the "ultimate predator of the sea" my science teacher himself said that if they could walk on land and breathe air, humans woud be in trouble.
@baddies: actually they don't see very well at all, splashing is what attracts them, aka the sound of an injured animal, also the can smell a drop of blood within 250 galons of water
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