Deadly Intent a level 25 Horde guild is currently looking for more people interested in older and new content. We are an active social and raiding guild and are getting ready to start raiding mop. We would like to get a few more interested that would be able to raid to fill our roster.

There is a strict no drama policy and participation in guild events are required for guild advancement. We pride ourselves on providing a laid back fun atmosphere for our guild runs and we do not require experience to join just a willingness to learn and ventrillo.

Some of the guild perks are repairs and dungeon, scenarios, and raid incentives. We also do random events for those actively participating in guild.

If your interested in a stable guild with expectations to become one of the top horde guilds on the server please contact me here or in game or anyone of the officers in game. At present we will be accepting all levels and classes for a limited time.

For more info on our raids and incentives please visit us at .
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