Hello Dark Iron

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Myself and about 5-6 buddies are considering transferring here from Blackrock.


Has Dark Iron as a balanced realm faction wise, and medium population.
Is this true? Are Horde and Alliance pretty balanced?

How is the community?

How goes the Outdoor Raid bosses? Epic battles between factions to get the tag?

I see some mention of world PvP, other then ganking lowbies and corpse camping, etc.. How is the World PvP scene on this realm?

We are mainly interested in PvP (more rated BGs then arenas), with some casual raiding.
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Alliance is slightly favored.

Community is decent. We have trolls but we also have a lot of interaction between guilds. With the PAA on realm there is a large community there.

Alliance will generally always get the Galleon tag, I think we are just more organized and mobile. Battles for those are not that epic.

There is world PvP on the realm. I don't know if you checked out the UBER recruitment thread but it is very obvious the huge rivalry between them and the alliance on realm. Recently there was a pretty huge battle over the BMAH with about 100 people involved total. I do not think it would be hard to find world PvP action here.
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This is my server and you must pay tribute.
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11/05/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Iamnotgrubby
This is my server and you must pay tribute.

You were merely a steward. This server is mine and has been since day 1.
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Thanks Tyrnyx for the reply and information.

Yes, it is expected that every realm has their share of Trade Chat Retards and Telephone Tough Guys. One of us is also a troll but he is harmless and it is all in good fun.

I read the thread by Uber, seems like good times :)
I'm glad Alliance is slightly favored as we are Horde atm. Most of us are originally from Spirestone Alliance, and we wanted a change.

We look forward to joining the Dark Iron community. Currently we are on Blackrock which is listed as PvP, but with the Horde to Alliance ratio skewed in Horde's favor (basically 10:1) it is pretty much like being on a PVE realm.
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