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Anyone viewing this forum is probably here because of the ingame mail I sent them.
The <Falcon Guard> has been around for abit, but we always lacked a very strong player base. We currently have an ok player base but recruitment is at a stand-still to address this I had an idea. After realizing many guilds were in the same boat as us I have contacted many of the gms to discuss the possibility of us merging our guilds into one guild.
Currently the <Falcon Guard> is lvl 24 making it the obvious choice of guild to merge into, as I realize this seems extremely selfish these or the concessions we are willing to give:
1.We will change the name if necessary
2.I will give up my gm position if this goes through, as it will comprise of several guilds we would probably want to make the most active person (which is probably not me) the gm and put the others on a council sort of thing with the first gm being the head.
3.We will merge into another guild if a lvl 25 one is found that wants to merge.
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Right. You're the reason I'm here on these forums.

I'd like to think this thread is trolling. I have a feeling it's not though, and that makes me kind of sad.
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What about us small guilds co-gm's and officers?
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Gand, answered you in game,
(Still up for discussion but 3 out of the 10 guilds I contacted replied back and thought the council system is the best way) and patrix no how is merging all the small guilds a bad idea?
We are mostly social guilds that would greatly benefit from new members that a merge of this size would bring.
Most small guilds have a similar mind-set to the Alpha Legions and the Falcon Guard, mostly due to the policies of larger guilds. *cough*
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I will give you a genuine answer and some advice.

Merging guilds, while seeming like a great idea, is a difficult undertaking. There will always be power struggles, the more people there are...the more potential for drama there is, and you will often find that people do not keep to their word.

It is especially difficult if you don't have a clear cut plan for what your goals are. Being a social guild AND a raiding guild brings about quite a few problems. Once a team starts finding a level of success suddenly the socials/casuals/non-raiders start becoming interested. The more guild members you have the more frequently this occurs. If you have more than one raiding team, one will be consistently better than the other...which breeds resentment. People who have always seemed nice and level headed will suddenly start taking offense to being "the other team" or "team 2" "B team", they will form the belief that they've been stuck with the bad group. Soon enough drama starts rearing it's head as the resentment within the team builds, someone will throw a fit or guild quit causing the other team to cease to raid. This will form resentment towards the successful raid team and it will slowly poison the social environment of the guild. Eventually leading to members quitting, logging on less frequently, or leaving the guild.

Contrary to what you probably believe AA is a small guild. We will rarely have more than 15 players online. What keeps us operating is we have a set goal in place, that is, we are primarily a 10 man raiding guild above all else. We have social's sure, but they are informed that not only will they not be raiding...but they will NEVER earn a raid spot with us. We might recruit from within the guild for our raid team...but it has nothing to do with earning or being a friend.

So my advice is you have to understand what you want your guild to be. You need to have a goal in place and a plan to reach that goal. You need to stick to that goal and have a team of leaders dedicated to keeping that goal in sight. Set rules and guidelines for people and stick to them and enforce them. Don't play favorites, especially if it's people leaving their current guild to merge with yours as there is often resentment between the two groups.

I realize to you it sounds simple, but after playing this game for so many years and seeing quite literally every guild that's merged fall apart I can assure you it's not simple. If all you're after is more members to be social with then you should just heavily recruit through trade or simply absorb a guild smaller than yourself.

Better yet contact some of the GM's of these larger guilds and get a feel for what their actual "policies" are. You likely have some misguided preconceived notions.

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I already know what the actual policies of these guilds were as I was an officer in many of them.
The whole point of this forum is for people to discuss policies and things like that before, while I would love every member of my guild to be on the first raid team this is simply not realistic as many other people simply outgear them or have better schedules.
Here's a list of bigger popular guilds I've been in:
1.Soldiers of The Cross
2. Ontogeny (not sure how big it is now but back when I was in it, it had over 400 members,)
3. Ravage (Back in B.C before I decided hardcore wow playing was not for me.)
The list goes on but I don't feel like trying to remember every guild I've been in.
Point is I know how these guilds work, because I was part of the workings.
Even Merging 3 to 4 of the many guilds a messaged would be a giant leap for all of the guilds.
Thank you for the helpful input though, I imagine the idea being called super-merge made it seem like a 12 year old made it but I plan on thinking this out a discussing it thoroughly with any of the gms interested.
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