All spec druid looking for a guild

90 Night Elf Druid
I am a well rounded Druid that can play all specs very well. I currently have better resto gear than anything but i can easily reforge for boomkin or get my set i have for feral. I am currently 6/6 mv and 2/6 hof on my warrior and willing to bring my experience to your guild. I can raid from 7pm-12am server on thursday to sunday. I can also faction change to raid with horde. Please hit me up when you get a chance and i would like to start raiding soon.
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90 Worgen Warrior
Hey Djinkxi,

We're heavily recruiting healers right now and if you can play your resto spec well and have it geared the best, you'll be a good fit here. Below is some short information about Eternal Life, you can find more in depth information on the website.

General Info:
We are a 25m Alliance raiding guild located on the Burning Blade US server
We have had a solid raiding and officer core all the way back to BC, with only 2 GM's throughout that entire period
We raid from 7:45pm - 11pm EST every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday during progression encounters.
We are serious about progression throughout the raid and expect players to be competent and mature in their handling of the fights and to be the best they can. Having said that, we value a friendly environment inside and outside the instances

If this sounds like a good fit for you, then I highly encourage you to drop us an application on our guild site:

Or add my battletag and I'll do my best to answer any questions:


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from you soon!
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90 Draenei Shaman
Djinkxi has already had a chance in our guild Indi.
He promptly left during Firelands.
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90 Human Warrior
i left because killstrike and shamanfun have there heads so far up there asses to actually take care of there guildies. Instead they just look after themselves instead of being a actual guild officer. Only good officer i can remember is the priest showtime.. shamanfun use to be good however something went terribly wrong and he started to act just like a female dog..sry but i would never think about joining EL ever again nor raid with them if I had a choice.
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90 Orc Death Knight

Raid Days & Times:
G1:Fridays & Saturdays 8pm - Midnight (Clean up) Sundays 6pm EST
G2:Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8pm - 11pm EST

Current Needs: (If you are not ready to push Heroic content please do not waste our time.)

G1: Tank (Non DK)
G1: Ranged (Any)

G2: Tank (Non Paladin)
G2: DPS (Any)

Fluff and Blood 10M on Burning Blade, was founded 7/22/2011 by a small group of friend. Our core leadership and main group raiders have been a part of some of the top guilds in World of Warcraft dating back to closed beta. Fluff and Blood is designed to be the best, while still maintaining a light two day raiding schedule. We are mature-minded players who want to raid at the highest level but desire a schedule that allows for them to balance WoW with non-game commitments. We’re a home for people with significant school, work, or personal commitments that make regularly raiding 3+ nights impractical. Our members excel at the game, but cannot commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of traditional guilds. Our goal is to clear content pre nerf.

We're looking for exceptional players. We're not interested in holding your hand while you figure out how to push your buttons. However, we also want players that are fun to raid with. In other words, drama queens and loot !@#$%s won't be tolerated, and a sense of humor is a big plus. We take the game seriously, but with a laid back environment. Nobody yells, and everyone maintains a lighthearted attitude, even during progression. We don’t troll general chat or brag on the forums. Overall our members are mature and pleasant to be around. If this sounds like you, then you'll fit right in. There is no favoritism in our guild. The best raiders will raid. No exceptions. You show up, perform, have a good attitude, and respect one another, and there should be no problem. If you get accepted to the guild you will raid. We will not invite anyone to ride a bench.

Contacts Info:
Real Id:
Officers: Totemchaos, Shyluuh, Augora,
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