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I just started playing so my main is a 40ish human warrior decked out in mostly greens. And it's awful. I am pretty bad to begin with, but I like the challenge of PvP and have no problems with constantly getting ganked as long as its someone within like 10 levels or so of me. It never is. Any Horde around my level leaves me alone... the ??? horde on the other hand apparently love one shotting me :(. With the numbers as skewed as they are in favor of the Horde would I be better off transferring to another server where people are actually around to help? Does it get better as I progress to the newer areas? I've invested a lot of time in my few young newbies and don't want to start over on another server but I've literally spent more time after level 40 hiding from the farming ??? Horde guy than questing and its really not much fun.
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The ??? Horde guys don't necessarily have to be from bonechewer since cross realm has been implemented in mop. Even if you transfer you will get ganked by hordes from other realms that wander off into your questing areas
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22 Human Hunter
sorry if I didnt explain myself well enough.. its not being ganked that gets to me its being the only Alliance member in the zone, only to go to another zone and see the same thing. Nobody to ask for help or quest with.. I just feel like even if I was 90, it would still be me vs 10-15 horde so I'm not sure why I should continue. Just a little disheartening to be the only Alliance in a zone and even more so being the only one walking through a major city. At 80+ it might be fun in a me vs the world kinda thing but at 40 it feels like more trouble than its worth.

And just for the record, I did start anew on another server and there are actually other green names there! not crazy about all the lost time I put into leveling up here tho.
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11/11/2012 08:06 PMPosted by Halse
And just for the record, I did start anew on another server and there are actually other green names there! not crazy about all the lost time I put into leveling up here tho.

What about the lost time posting this thread? If you are already on another server who cares? CRZ is CRZ, its not ilke it is only CRZ horde toons. probably just coincidence you didn't see anyone for the 45 minutes it takes to get from 1 to 22.
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i wouldnt listen to lobsert that guys a total idiot
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Starting out on a PvP server is pretty harsh. I started playing on Dark Iron, so I understand your pain. Unfortunately, you've started playing right after the release of CRZ. That means you'll see a lot more people around than most of us did when we began playing. It does get better as you get higher level, but you'll have to tough it out til then. Your other option is to just try again on a PvE realm until you're a little more familiar with the game, but you'll always have to deal with the bored 90s on a PvP realm.

As for other Alliance, well, it's probably going to be the same wherever you go because of cross realm zones. There's some servers that have a higher Alliance population innately, but... it's all about what realms you get crossed with. For as long as I've played this game there's never been much help from other members unless you're in a guild. If you're looking for some help, that's really your best bet. Try to find a nice leveling guild Alliance side.

Good luck and hang in there!
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