Hi Bloodscalp Horde! Blueshasta here from HKDC to say we are recruiting any and all players to our great guild! If you are looking for a relaxed guild with a great and friendly atmosphere this might be the guild for you! We are low in numbers and are also currently looking for raiders!

Atm we are currently looking for a Ranged DPS (Hunter or Lock) and a Tank healer (Holy Pally would be awesome!)
We are accepting anyone who wants and is willing to raid or pvp and have fun no matter if you wanna slay dragons, pandas, or even your best friend haha

We are a casual guild! so we will raid once we fill our spots but we want to progress like any raiding guild does so we are striving for people to not only progress their toons but to have fun at the same time.

Thanks for reading Bloodscalp and Happy panda slaying from all of us at HKDC!
pst in-game or leave me mail for additional info or invites!