>>Undisputed is an Alliance Guild<<

I'm in the process of restarting the Guild I created a few years back.

I know there are alot of bigger guilds out there that have way more than I do at this point but If your tired of just being a player on their roster and would like to help build a Guild from the ground up come join us.

Here are some of the usual things people want to know about a Guild before they join.

We have a:
- Guild Tabard
- 6 Tab Guild Bank (that has a alot of items already in it)
- Paid Guild Site (with alot of tools and can be changed or added to very easily to fit out needs)
- 25 Man Vent Server (that can be upgraded at anytime to accommodate our needs)

As we are just starting out we have no raid or dungeon schedule or anything of that sort for the moment, but I do want to get to the point that we do. If you would like to help in growing the guild and possibly taking on a higher role in the Guild I am open to your thoughts and ideas once you have joined us. No matter what your reason for being in a Guild we will accept you, especially if you like Tim Horton's Donuts & coffee. (lol) Just head over to our Guild Website and sign up and contact me in game and I'll get you set up.

Guild Website - www.undisputedrt.guildlaunch.com
Guild Email - undisputedrt@live.ca

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