I am looking for a friendly, active guild to do some raiding with in MOP. The catch is I have minimal raid experience outside of LFR and an erratic work schedule that does not allow me to commit to a set raiding schedule. (I know that’s what LFR is for but working with a coordinated team that discusses strategy and works together is much more fun than the LFR free for all) I am looking for a guild with an active raid team(s) that occasionally needs a fill in healer or an extra healer for alt runs. I understand that my situation will put me low on the list of raid team members and I am 100% ok with that. If I am needed for a raid and I get in that’s great if no spot is available that’s fine with me as well. My main is a ilvl 473 holy/disc priest. I also have an lvl 87 fire mage that will be soon leveled to 90 as well. I have max profs in: tailoring, inscription, and enchanting which I am happy to use to help out fellow guild members. A side from raiding I am also always up for running dungeons and old content. I should also say that if I am asked to raid and my schedule allows me to I say I will be there for a raid I will, and if I start a raid I will stay for the duration. What I cannot sign up for is making a set time on a set day every week. If any of the guilds out there are looking for a friendly, helpful but also unreliable healer to add to their roster please respond to this post or PM me in game. Thanks for reading my post.