... there is a chat channel dedicated for LFG that involves everyone outside any main cities be able to communicate with anyone?

Back in BC and LK days in my other toon and ofc in other server, we had this channel where everyone can seek out anyone who are interested to run for any specific dungeon or raid or dailies, anyone would just type in /join "channel" and voila! you are connected to mostly everyone in the server even if you're in a dungeon or in a place far away from org or any main city.

I would like to see any feedback from the community about this and hopefully all positive because I would love to see everyone finishing their daily grind of dailies and be able to wait/see a group for Sha or the ever elusive Galleon while having a chance to be able to get into a raid group for the said world boss.

Just to clarify things:
1. example of the chat channel would be /join endgame. everyone can join in to join a raid group for any world bosses or seek out anything concerning the game or what not or just chat
2. Be able to do your personal grind of dailies while able to see if there is a raid for sha for your main/alt for world bosses

From your ever loving Filipino Player
Raizo... Happy Hunting Everyone!