Cross-Realm Zones Update

100 Human Warrior
Thanks for locking our thread Rhy. /sarcasm ><

14 threads and the answer we get is It's fine were just working on some quirks still. Thats exactly what you said about a month ago now Rhy. /sigh

I LOVED wow pre-crz. Now days Pandaria is my only safe haven. Leveling alts or older characters just isn't as much fun as it used to be.

This to me seems to be very similar to the Coke fiasco, we've been given something thats supposed to be better than it was but falls short on virtualy all promises. :(

You've made me one very sad WoW player. :(
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Social rise? All I ever experience is ganking and too many people doing the same quest.
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Your post addresses two issues and not even the important ones.

Like, I dunno, lots of people don't like it, don't want it and never did.
100 Blood Elf Mage
CRZ is the worst addition to the game I can think of, and is right up there with the idea you had for real names on the forum on the list of stupidest ideas Blizzard has ever had period. You want to improve CRZ? Let me turn it off if I choose.
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Blizzard has spent too much time and effort(read: money) on CRZs to scrap them, despite the fact that LARGE swaths of their player base dislike them. I have spoken to lots of ppl on various forums and in game. The number of people who like them are far and few between.

Problem is Blizz has flat out said they take forums posts with a grain of salt as they "do not represent the majority of the player base". So they count all the forum posters as haters and the rest of the non posters as lovers.
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Real ID or BattleTag invites are ok but forced CRZ just stinks.


I've personally had nothing but bad experiences with CRZ. Far from fostering an "MMO social experience" it has instead brought out some ugly anti-social behavior. I'll wait until cross-realm zones hit Pandaria, then I'll consider ending my subscription. Been a great ride.
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10/30/2012 11:54 AMPosted by Llamakng
Problem is Blizz has flat out said they take forums posts with a grain of salt as they "do not represent the majority of the player base". So they count all the forum posters as haters and the rest of the non posters as lovers.

Or they can look at more information than just the forums. Like how many people have quit because of CRZ for starters.
90 Draenei Monk
10/30/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Rygarius
Despite a few lingering technical issues, we’re happy with how CRZ is populating the leveling areas with other players, and helping to once again foster MMO social experiences in the 1-85 content.

Sorry if this sounds rude but...

Can you start enforcing your code of conduct now?

Sick of people being douchebags just because they can and know they won't be punished for it. That's not very fostering of MMO social experiences. If I wanted to surrounded by jerks, I'd go hang out at the local bar. At least drunks are regulated by law.

Thanks. If you're not going to follow your own policy, that's quite the double standard and needs to be enforced both ways. Otherwise, get rid of it.

You want us to abide by it, you need to start enforcing it, and not on a case by case basis. If you don't enforce it, then we don't have to abide by it. Legal contract 101.
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10/30/2012 12:00 PMPosted by Bullderp
Yes, there are bugs, and yes, flying my wife cross zones to have her dismount off my two-seater is annoying. But when they fix that (and they will), I will be perfectly happy with seeing more people around a once dead realm.

You do realize though that many of these bugs are being called "quirks" and are being handled as if they popped up out of nowhere correct? Many of the "quirks" or bugs with CRZ were reported as far back as May of this year when CRZ made it to beta. It was left if no ifs ands or buts. Yet pet battles was removed almost instantly because "we fealt it wasn't ready."

Shows just where the priorities are.

Keep the populace distracted and they won't complain. This is very much like Rome with the gladiatorial matches. If you keep a population distracted they don't seem to care just how bad things get. /sigh
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Greetings, thanks for the update! :) I'd like to give some small feedback.

There should be some incentive to playing with others while questing, just like we do so when we're running dungeon with randoms (Luck of the draw buff), a reward like that, being more exp boosts, damage boost, regen, etc... should encourage people to tackle quest goals together, instead of being selfish and tagging the mob before the other one can get it (I'm guilty of this as well).

Not sure where to stand with the PvP "issue" some people have claiming that they get harrased/constantly camped, it's the nature of these servers and something you sign for when you accept the terms of use and create your character there, but it certainly becomes an issue when X realm gets cross-realmed with Y realm which happens to be dominated by the opposing faction.

There's room for improvement and I like the way it's going, Thanks for listening to our constant feedback.
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10/30/2012 11:14 AMPosted by Beruchu
I really wish we could opt out of CRZ. Even if it's on by default, it'd be nice to be able to disable it if we didn't want it.

This; a thousand time, this.
100 Night Elf Druid
No offense but this post really doesn't say anything. We already knew about the 3 hour thing and your second point about reporting things, well quite frankly it's a bit insulting. We've been asking to not get phased at all (cross realmed) because it ruins our gaming experience especially in old zones.

Want a perfect example of why Cross realms is an abysmal failure - just check out Minfernal's spawn point or any rare pet you guys have failed to address.

Just look at rare spawn mobs in the world that are now almost impossible to get now.

Just look at the lack of resources. Check especially Outlands - that got hit the worst with CRZ especially in terms of resources.

Just look at the massive amounts of ganking lowbies have to endure now. They are better off now leveling in dungeons exclusively and avoiding your "precious" cross realm world.
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