Reconnaissance is recruiting

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Q. What is Reconnaissance?

A. Quick Specs -
Two friendly active guild masters (GM) around the clock
Free crafting materials upon player request
Free gems, enchants, crafting, (Guild - An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards) So there is no need for us to charge but we shall expect the same from your utility.
Free repairs
Level 25

Q. Who do they recruit?
A. Leveling Players / Casual Players-
All horde players 1-90 on Spinebreaker are welcome to come level with us. We persuade you to find other members your level to play with and share your adventure with. Our senior players will accompany you with any questions or issues you come across for fast productive progress.

Raiding Players -
Previously Recon was a Player Vs Player guild (PvP) and has no previous raid encounters as a 10-25 man dedicated team.
Horde players on Spinebreaker interested in raiding with a FRESH team are welcome to bring their game. We encourage you to progress with us as a guild and form an active 10 man raiding team BRAND new and start a new adventure over voice chat and game. We especially are needing tanks interested in raiding at this moment. Many players currently in recon are raid ready and have been running raid finder already and have most of their gear to start 10 man.

Player Vs Players -
As mentioned above a lot of our players are highly experienced in the player killing field. With previous sucessful win ratio's in Arena and Rated Battle Grounds, Recon are geared and ready to gank Alliance on the battle field and arena. Worried about capping your conquest each week ? We will cap it for you no problem just ask a senior member or guild master. Many players already have an existing 1800 rating or above and are willing to teach and inspire many to join. Crafting your starting pvp gear is also a good plus for this field for it won't be a cost to you. So sit back and be ready to smash The Alliance! For The Horde!

Q. A player is rude or disrespecful to me, I feel like quitting.
A. Disrespecful players are not welcome here. Reconaissance is a non stressful guild that should not be filled with hatred, smack talk (I'm better then you BS), disrespect,out of control, or members with power trips. Nobody is to believe they are better. Keep it to yourself. The point of being in a guild is to help your mates out and help them succeed and be more like you and progress with you. Whats the point in seeing a name you don't like ever day. There is no holding back in a guild. Say a player logs in and you get into a fight with them. Fighting back could lead to yourself quitting or even your best friend or fellow members that look up to you, or the baddie that caused the problem. We want you to be open in this guild and be honest and tell the Guild Master's what happened to you that made you feel angry, or upset and we'll take care of the problem. Turning someone in will lead to questioning and possible termination for your protection and others.

Q. So are you ready to become one?
A. Whisper us in game for an invite and we will form a community built just for you!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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dominos make me wet taking over da nation
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Hi Ryan, tell Nicole I said hi!
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90 Orc Hunter
Kroniik!! Sup!! :D
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nothing much just tickling every 3s team on kt
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