Greetings err'body!

Furious Ascension (lvl 25 Horde Guild) is looking to fill a raid spot in our 10M team.
We are specifically looking for a Mistweaver Monk with a Windwalker OS, or a Rogue.

We are however considering a heal MS Priest (preferrably Disc) with an OS in Shadow or an Enhancement MS Shaman with an OS in healing.

We are 2/6 normal MV and only thing really holding us back for a bit were some bad apples. We aren't by any stretch a hardcore or elitist guild but we do strive to be the best that we can be while considering real life time restraints and situations as the game is secondary to that. We are pretty laid back in that regard but when it comes to raiding we expect our core raid members to behave respectfully and to strive to perform their roles competently with an aim towards excellence.

A good many of us have been together for a long while now so stability isn't an issue it's just getting everything in line for that one last slot that has been eluding us for a while due to real life time constraints on previous members as well as incompatibility issues.

Lighthearted and fun, whacky and ridiculous, overly helpful with any kind of side-stuff or researching based on class, spec, etc., etc. is what we are all about as well.

That said, we also recruit in general for our guild community. We have lots of members who aren't interested in raiding or who simply log on to have fun and building our social community more is always a great thing and has always been an aim so if you want a lively bunch to chat/learn with feel free to hit me up in game either on Kvash, or Olloh.

Once core 1 is super solid we will be setting up a core 2 10M. This is how we roll.
Come have some fun :)