Herro again Executus!

We once again need the services of a few new skilled faces for progression.

Our raid is comprised of players who have been playing together quite awhile and like each other, but scheduling is murdering us! We get 1 raid day per week, kill 4 bosses in 45 m before people have to sleep for work in the ungodly early hours of the morning. We haven't seen a progression night in weeks, and on the weekend most of the raid stays drunk and not home.

We once again are seeking to raid 3-4 days + per week, to facilitate this we require 1 or 2 Healers and a smattering of DPS available to raid from 9 pm EST to 11 or 12 am, of at least 3-4 days between Tuesday and Monday for both progression Heroics and alt runs

We do all our applications in person and ask a few simple things.

Control your own playtime. (we understand obligations and happily make exceptions)

Not require someone to hold your hand, Look good, play good, and be able to afford optimal upgrades. We do provide Darkmoon decks & craftables to current raiders but its much nicer when your able to help with such.

Dont be an insufferable A$$, we don't raid people we cant get along with anymore, this has brought nothing but trouble to us. The greatest skills in the world mean nothing if your just being a prick for the sake of it.

Come to us with progression in mind, and ready to roll we currently do not offer a tutorial raiding course and if it becomes obvious that's what you need, we have no intention of teaching you how not to stand in things or how to heal. we have people who run sims on every toon in the raid to optimize DPS, we dont want to carry you.

Please contact IN GAME

We are keeping a close eye on the 10/25 raid split that Blizz has enabled for China / Korea,
If in fact they pull that bull$hit here, we will be moving back into 25's asap.