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Hello there. I often look over the WOW insider articles and happened to catch the announcement of the rp workshop thingy. I will be checking out various realms to toss my characters in as I am currently full on Moonguard and Wyrmrest Accord and even on my fledgling rp challenge realm of Cenarion Circle.

In case you have not noticed, I am an alt-oholic. I have been rping for several years and I love to come up with new characters. I like story driven rp, long term committments and I do admit I have an evil side. (Easy to do as a Gemini)

That said I am looking for some partners or at least one who is interested in making a character with me to level/rp as a team. I will join a guild as soon as I find one that is open and friendly.

I was going to ask if there are any guilds or rpers who actually follow the current storyline of the game in their rp? Pandarens are so unique! And I love the monk class. Though my favorite class to play is a toss up between rogue and mage. I am also a good healer, not so good as a tank.

I am looking for either side as far as rp is concerned. I seem to favor Horde however, must be because I love the looks of the BE. Although I like humans and Night elves as well. I have not been able to really get into any of the other races. Though if I had a partner willing to help I could develop a character of any race.
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We have quite a few events on both sides of the factions fence, and a few guilds that like to RP alongside the storyline as well as doing their own stories inside that framework.

Hordeside, check out Kingdom of Quel'Thelas, Pox, La Belle Morte...I'm forgetting someone. There are social bar events in Silvermoon on Saturday evenings, starting at 7pm Mountain Time; often 2 events running back to back! Sunday's social bakery event starts at 6pm.

Alliance side, my guilds are The Silver Dragoons and am a member of The Meddlers. There are a few other RP and RP friendly guilds as well, but not a lot of them advertise so far as I can tell. We have a history/lore event on Thursday evenings in Ironforge, an open air bar in Stormwind on Fridays, and starting this week there's a bookstore/coffee shop social RP starting on Tuesdays in Stormwind. All times are 7pm Mountain (server) time.

Many RPers on our server use as a way to track/promote events, share stories, and discuss RP related things. Both Horde and Alliance side have a /Haven chat channel for OOC communication of RPers; some of them use the website, some of them don't and just hang out in the channel to connect with RPers.

Our server is older and the RP quieter, and tends to focus more in guild groups or smaller circles of friends these days. It's easy to find random walk-up RP in Silvermoon, a little harder other places. Stormwind has been the Alliance RP hub, but I've found a bit more random RP in Pandaria at times.

Thanks for coming by, and good luck! :)
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