Paladin's get CC'd for Days

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Was blood feared yesterday for a full 8 seconds in the complete opposute direction while the lock and his wrath guard took me from 80% to 40%, only to come out of the fear to judge the pet to gap close on the lock who ran away out of judge range only to close about half the gap when i was blood feared again (with 1 second left on my mini spirint) back in the opposite direction for 4 more seconds...

Damage did not break either fears and i died in 12 seconds of fear.

Give me a fear break or give me a fear reduction passive ability like our good unholy friends, the DKs
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

First of all, I don't no about any1 else but I've been finding the break on damage threshold on fears bloody high, dunno if its bugged or not but I've lost 50% of my health before in a priests fear and it didn't break, the duration ended.. Maybe bugged?
Secondly, blood fear... Who ever came up with that idea should get fired.

For holy, fears really arnt that bad because it is about positioning and LoS.
For ret its another can of worms.
We can't rebuke instant fears so any1 who argues that we have an Interupt to use has a mute argument.
Secondly, majority of rets are obviously specced into Long arm of Law as our gap closer because of the uptime with judgement being 1 of main abilities.
However the speed buff often works as a disadvantage against fears because it will cause us to be feared a greater distance away effectively putting us out of the fight for longer- less pressure + longer down time till the next fear/cc.
I'd love to see long arm also give fear immunity for 2 seconds or something.
Fear is defently the bane of ret and we do need some counter or breaking ability other than trinket or a 5min cd on bubble.
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90 Human Death Knight
It's really the state of PvP right now it's all about CC.

I got sapped, raged quit, went for lunch, mowed the lawn then logged back in later that night and I was still caught in a warlocks fear.

Edit: Just noticed I wasn't on my Paladin :3
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100 Tauren Paladin
Well if you can get an alchemist friend or a toon you have alchemy on, make some living action potions, they get you out of stuns and incapacitates, almost giving you 2 trinkets... it helps a bit.
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90 Human Paladin
Living action potions are really hard to make, the recipe spawns randomly from a single npc, and the mats spawn 4 a day from 2 npcs.

Hardly anyone has the recipe and a few people camp those spots for the mats.

They typically go for 100g a pop on my server and you can't use them in rated play.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Speaking as a 1550 Mistweaver Monk, Paladins have it good with Hand of Sacrifice and Divine Shield. Monks have nothing but the PVP trinket to counter fear, incapacitate, horror, blind, polymorph or cyclone effects. Likewise, all baseline Monk CC is melee range, putting the Monk at an immediate disadvantage vs. any caster with ranged CC (in other words, all of them).

There is a reason Monks make up 2% of arena representation, and a reason that Ghostcrawler recently acknowledged in an interview that they have a long way to go to balance Monks. The fact is that in a majority of 2v2 matches, my Monk spends most of his time sitting in polymorph/fear/cyclone CC chains.

Because of this weakness to CC, and weak Monk CC as well, I rerolled to this Paladin until such a time as Monks have better tools for arenas.

TL;DR Pallies, you don't know how good you've got it.
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