[H] L480 Paladin Looking for Guild

90 Blood Elf Paladin
TL;DR: L480 H Paladin Looking for Guild. Send me in-game mail or a tell. Can raid at any hour and weekday.

I'm looking for a good raiding guild whose core group takes their game very seriously. They are to be properly gemmed and enchanted and up to date. I enjoy not wiping on farm content for hours because people aren't pulling their weight. I'd be delusional if I said the Horde was doing well in terms of people and guild progression. So I'm willing to even take a backseat or backup position (not in the main raiding group). Just as long as the guild is good.

I've been an active player since 2006 and I have extensive raid experience. I am also an experienced tank and DPS although my equipment for either one of those roles is 460 at best.

I am heavily competitive nearly to the point where it's a nasty habit. But I'm not an !@# about it like nearly the entire playerbase. When I get top healing, damage, or overall performance, it's a nice, silent victory, and I go through the numbers and think to myself: "how can I improve?" Not like, I go to my nice little recount horn and post the numbers in GChat like 15 times. I hate it when people do that, don't you? "YES. Thank you for that. Because NOBODY except you has Recount." The point being, I think the best skills are those that speak for themselves. I let mine. So if you're a competitive guild that places great importance on being the best and improving, we'll have that in common and we have a lot to talk about. If you're a family friendly guild where we can't kick Larrythelock because he's a good friend of yours and he's the friendliest guy on the planet but his DPS is 8K on a good day, then stop reading and close this window.

IRL, am a private contractor in programming and web design and I work from home. So I can raid at any day of the week and any hour.

I am resolute in getting the job done even if we're wiping 4 hours in with 9 people, I won't stop until the raid's called without whining or having my performance suffer. So that's included in the package.

Also, when I've carved a nice little niche, I like to see my guild succeed. So I invest my own resources into it. Ingame or otherwise. Once I rented a vent server for an old guild of mine and paid for someone's transfer. I have a really big heart. That guild died two weeks after that. But I made a good friend. That friend went off to play Rift so that's that. In my last guild I leveled a scribe to 600 and made a bunch of cards for people that needed them for the Darkmoon trinkets. That's another perk of having me. Oh. I also like to pick flowers and make flasks. But that's on good days. Every day is a good day. Also cooking.

Another thing, I have good leadership abilities. I am VERY good at telling people to not die. I have a nice, soothing voice and sometimes a deep, resonating, monstrous voice that strikes fear into the heart of the manliest men. "DOWNT STEND IN FEYR!" Then people think to themselves: "Oh #!%! I better not stand in that fire." And by God they won't stand in that fire. But that's not important, I'm not looking for a leadership position. That's just a perk I felt I had to throw in there. Just IN CASE. I really hope you're not looking for that. I'll also throw in I like PvP and dailies. But raiding is #1.

I am a Jewelcrafter and Blacksmith too. I also have a million characters with all professions except Leatherworking, so I can offer those services when your proper enchanters and tailors are offline.

I can also record videos. Some guilds like it when you record them playing. They like to hear and see themselves rattle.

I don't have numbers on world of logs but I have a nice video you can watch to see how I play more or less. (Be warned, however, it's obsolete since my play style has changed loads since then.)


This character has been on Medivh since October 2008, and I have absolutely NO intention of going to the Alliance or off-world. NO INTENTION. I can't stress this enough. That's 0%. If you held me at gunpoint and were like "GO TO KILJAEDEN" I'd be like naw.

I can also write a mean macro and I know some LUA. I mainly do it to make fixes to my addons when they break.

Okay. That's enough rambling. Send me an in-game tell or mail and we'll have a nice chat.

That's a lot of text. My sincerest apologies and thank you for your time if you got to this part.

Edit: Moved a few paragraphs around.
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90 Undead Priest
I feel your pain man.....the Horde is in bad shape and you losing your guild sucks. We seem to have too many nights where we are 1 healer short or 1 dps short for our raids, so we haven't been able to make as much progress as we planned. However Hespler(GM) did tell us that if we saw any of you on that hadn't transfered to let you know you are welcome to raid with us if we have an opening. There just are not enough raiders left on Horde side....too many guilds trying to pug for their raids every night. So anyways you are welcome to come with us....we'll find you a spot.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Bump for quite possibly one of the best players I've ever had the pleasure of talking to while and him being one of the most honest and big hearted guys to ever have drawn breath on earth :'). Oh, and not to mention his drive to out perform everyone in every aspect xD but in a friendly way (no really, he wont say a word of ill do you, unless you're larry the lock, but im sure larry got that from everyone).
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