Hunter, Lock, Or Rogue?

90 Pandaren Hunter
Hunters are garbage in PVE right now and getting nerfed.

Rogues are currently number one for DPS and since they're rogues you know they're good in PvP.

Locks are pretty good right now also.

Since you say you're torn between hunter and lock I say go lock.
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90 Human Paladin
90 Human Warlock

Rogues are nerfed.

Pathetic in pvp.

Mediocre in pve (until 5.2 probably when gear scaling sets in)

We can no longer have prep and shadowstep( our best gap closer btw) I'd love to be able to SS, Vanish , garrote and work cloth over :) then prep and do it all over again.
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90 Human Paladin
Rogues are fun to level. Stealth/sap/blind in questing is awesome, and if you are on a pvp server you can cloak/vanish out of most gank attempts. If you are planning to just level an alt, this is a pretty good choice. If you are looking to switch mains ... the class has been largely ignored since BC and I don't see Blizz taking a look at them this time around either.

Haven't played my hunter since BC.

My lock was my main 7 1/2 years ago. Got him to 80 in LK, but just started leveling him again. Holy crap it's fun. Affliction is a burst spec now ... wha happened???

I hate to say it but it is largely true. Our level 90 talent substitutes a shuriken......for throw, a rarely used ability in any serious dungeon or raiding scenario. The ability to glyph silence or stun or slow onto it would be its only saving grace. Yes our talents for the most part are not "fun".
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2 Undead Rogue
11/14/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Aisho
I'm stuck between lock and hunter ... :/

And thats even a choice for you?

Warlock man, dont even waste your time on rogues. Over all the worst CLASS in the game as they dont have a valid PVP spec of any kind at all..

Hell at least monks can go MW and be valid, even if they are not the best.
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90 Undead Warlock
11/14/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Aisho
I want to level a new class, the three classes I don't have are a hunter, lock or rogue. I play mostly tanks and healers. I want a dps that's semi easy, not boring though,and doesn't do crap dps. :) What would be the best? Any advice is welcome! Thank you.

Oh come on. Be honest. You want something that only takes two buttons to play and tops the dps meters without having to actually think about it.

I can't help you there. I think all the classes these days make you push about the same amount of buttons. The devs actually got that right finally (I think). If they haven't please pipe up and let me know :) :) :)

If you're looking for a class that levels itself almost, that would be a huntard. Whenever I need a mule, I always roll huntard because they're just so damn easy to level.

And in PvE, misdirect and feign death can be sooo much fun when someone is pissing you off. Can I get a witness here?
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90 Night Elf Hunter
If you are talking PvE I would go for Lock.

Hunters are pretty weak in PvE right now and I would always lean towards a ranged class over a melee class for PvE leaving a rogue out of the discussion.
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