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When the game first launched, Firetree wasn't one of the first servers. It came a few months later, when the time came for new servers to handle new players. Back in those days, the game was, as can be expected, quite different. There was a since of adventure, a novel experience, all contained within this new world that most players could still perceive passionately and patiently. The camaraderie was different those days. Getting camped by level 60's in the Barren's wasn't so bad. PvP around the world was exciting and intriguing. Raids were mysterious and the players wearing full tiers, like the Earthfury, were inspiring.

These were the days when the game was still evolving. A creation that had not yet seen its own full glory come to light. During these days, the hardcore denizens of Azeroth had flocked to many of the first servers, and on those servers they led the population through the game. Mal'ganis. Blackrock. Tichondrius. Mannoroth. And so on, and so forth. But here, on Firetree, there grew a different breed of player. The second wind. Many of whom would be drawn to the game to play their first MMO ever. Many of whom would take time to learn and grow within the world that had been fashioned. These were the players who would gasp at Onyxia, get lost in the beauty of Feralas, play the drums of battle in week long games of Alterac Valley.

And of these players, there were some that began to define a new elite. First came Cav and Unreal and Pummel, leading the way on the High Warlord summit. There came Chosen and Atropos and Fallen Requiem and Infinitely No Life and the Aftermath to raid the highest dungeons. And then came the hordes of casuals, following suit in their own guilds, with PETA and Super Secret Sauce and Affinity and The Lucky Strikes and more.

Firetree today reflects directly what Firetree was back then. And while many of its best have been lost to the history of yesterday, its heroes today can trace their roots back to these ancestral figures.

There are thousands upon thousands of amazing stories, many that may never have seen the light of the Azerothian day. Some will never know of the mage that saved a shaman, only to befriend that shaman and then never return after a hurricane came through his city. Some will never know of the countless souls that fought in the Molten Core never to see the nefarious Nefarian. Many will never know of people who braved the Dark Portal, only to have found permanent refuge in the harsh forests of Terrokar. And what of the ones who braved the depths of Azjol-Nerub, never to vanquish the Lich King?

I will tell the story of one group of players. A coalition that grew over time and meandered through many paths, until they came together to serve redemption to the flame of Firetree. Inspired by those who came before them, driven to competition by those they fought against, committed to a success that continues to this day. This is only one story, albeit a grand story. I look forward to hearing the others. If you can reminisce. If you can feel the nostalgia for those days, when honor and pride infused the veins of the Firetreean, then you may find solace in these stories. I invite you to come adventure once again, through the Firetree landscape of Azeroth. And if along the way, you remember again, the feeling that you felt the first time you laid eyes on the true beauty of the game, the feeling that you felt when you first became a member of this society, then I hope it reignites the eternal flame of Firetree within you.
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And now we have Baconn.
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The end.
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11/03/2012 11:05 AMPosted by Zdrada
And now we have Baconn.

BACONn is a quitter ...thats all he'll ever be
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Nicely written(:
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90 Undead Mage
What part of "The End" did you hosers not understand?
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90 Worgen Mage
Bacon really is a part of this server's history and his blackrock pvp days.

Also, I was a warrior in PETA. Beejimus ^_^
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90 Undead Warlock
10/10 would read again
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70 Human Warrior
What ever happened to Ballas?
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86 Human Priest
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100 Night Elf Warrior
Used to rock a Night Elf Warrior by the name of Silversword (terrible name, I know, but that was almost a decade ago) and saw the whole PvP grind to Grand Marshall from the alliance side, playing a few WSG games on Maxi's team/that warrior (honestly forget his name now, human warrior). Great, great times. I also remember getting just destroyed by Unreal/Cav/Pummel back in the day.

Anyone remember when there were those realm-wide world pvp tournaments and everyone was camping the !@#$ outta everywhere? I remember getting destroyed by Unreal on Sorrow Hill so many damn times.
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I loved this thread! The days before cross realm BGs were the best memories. We knew all the good teams, smack talking in each others vent(some friendly some not).

My paladin(Marzel) was in Cynical(A) and the premade battles against the aforementioned horde guilds were hands down the most fun I have enjoyed and probably ever will enjoy in this game. I wish I could remember all the toons names back then we played against, however the teams with Unreal, Triballama, Pummel, Roxorian, rag...again I cant remember them all! The Aftermath teams were the most fun to play against. The days before the GM grind got really annoying were the best. Shout out to all the players that helped me and Aurora achieve rank and to those before us who we helped so we could be next in line! Breaking the cap ftl
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Fallen Requiem? WHAT ABOUT CAKE!
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100 Undead Rogue
TheDeacon. Baconn. That dwarf pally troll. Pandy. Ironclaw peeps*.
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Is this post testing the waters for a cake return?
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90 Orc Warrior
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10/31/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Vorrentk
with PETA

Also, I was a warrior in PETA. Beejimus ^_^

I was in PETA as well, i was Cyx a UD priest. I kept this toon locked as a reminder of the great times I had back then. Thanks to PETA I was able to gain my Benediction, I was the first in the guild to attain it. I was with the guild when Zurom was GM, & there was Crazyhawk too, & I remember Maliki (I think) who abandoned us & went to Aftermath right after he got his Thunderfury. I remember our guild first Rag fight & the countless deaths in MC, & BWL all in the end we still pushed through. So many great memories from back then, the game is so much more different now.

Beejimus I remember you bud, long time. Hope all is well with everyone.

Btw here is our vid of our Razorgore down (we had a Maliki getting his Thunderfury vid but couldnt find that one). I remember after we downed him the guild went crazy =)

P.S If anyone knows or remember Gorvek, I would hope he is doing great too.
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What part of "The End" did you hosers not understand?
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That dwarf pally troll

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100 Human Paladin
There is no end to Firetree.

Been here since day one, not going anywhere :3
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