Haste cap for Holy Paladins?


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I have done several searches on what the current soft cap and hard cap for haste should be for a holy pally? Anyone have any clue? Please and thank you <3
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Don't bother honestly, you can't reach either in current or past gear; it hasn't been possible since late Wrath.


Soft cap: 50% haste(1 sec Globals)
Hard cap: 100%(for reducing the cast time of all spells to half)
90 Human Paladin
Thank you. I'm asking for a friend because I put my holy pally on the shelf and went with my resto shammy and the soft cap for that is 871 and hard cap is 3764, which I've already hit the 2nd cap. Just wasn't sure if it were the same for holy paladins.
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I feel like there's some misunderstanding here. The resto shaman haste "caps" you are characterising as 'soft' and 'hard' are simply haste breakpoints for obtaining more ticks from some of your heal-over-time effects.

They mean that at 871 haste, plus the Ancestral Swiftness talent's 5% haste buff, and the raid buff from Ele Shaman/Moonkin/Shadow Priest that gives 5% spell haste, you will receive an extra tick of Riptide, Healing Rain, and Earthliving Weapon.

At 3764 Haste, you will additionally receive an extra tick of Healing Tide Totem and Healing Stream Totem.

A "cap" means there is no value to increasing your haste beyond its point, like the hit cap - you can't super-duper-hit if you have more hit rating than is required, so the hit cap is actually a cap. For haste, the 'soft' cap comes when the length of your GCD stops reducing, at 50% haste. Past that point, haste will still speed up your spell casting speed, but any spell that drops below a 1-second cast time will still be throttled by your 1-second GCD, which is why they call it a 'soft cap'.

But with haste breakpoints - what you're talking about in regards to your resto shaman - haste will still do things for you, it's just that at those particular points you get an extra tick of a heal out of your spell and thus an *extra* benefit over what haste normally does.

Breakpoints for Holy Paladins really only matter for the level 45 talents Eternal Flame and Sacred Shield. If you are using Selfless Healer then there is no haste breakpoint and haste has simply a linear value for you; as you increase your haste your spells cast more quickly.

If you have taken Eternal Flame, at 3506 haste (and assuming you have the 5% spell haste raid buff) you get 3 extra ticks from your Eternal Flame. (You already get the 1st and 2nd extra tick pretty much from having Seal of Insight active.)

If you have taken Sacred Shield, at 5335 haste you get 2 extra ticks from your Sacred Shield. (You already get the 1st extra tick pretty much from having Seal of Insight active.)

For more on Haste Breakpoints, Binkenstein over at Totemspot does a lot of work with them and has several articles explaining how they work. If you don't care at all and just want numbers to blindly aim for, you can see his healer haste breakpoint data here:


Hope this helps :)
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I have done several searches on what the current soft cap and hard cap for haste should be for a holy pally? Anyone have any clue? Please and thank you <3

There are no haste caps this tier. Just carry enough haste for comfort. The main benefit is still only GCD reduction but in a raid, with proper buffs, SoI, and a little haste on gear you'll have plenty for every demand.
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As of right now, don't worry about haste, just stack the hell outta mastery.
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11/02/2012 10:52 PMPosted by Dayani

Was gonna post the same link :-) Haste breakpoints for Holy paladins benefit Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame. If you didn't pick one of these talents, haste will just speed up your spellcasts and lower your GCDs. Personal preference ...
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"asking for a friend"
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Just ask in a new thread. No need to necro.

But in the interests of efficiency...

Only use if you have taken the Eternal Flame talent as the only reason to go for a breakpoint is to get one more tick of the HoT.

3506 is the first, 7170 is the second and 10867 is the third. Most pallies go to the second then stack mastery. Also assumes you have spell haste buff in raid.
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07/01/2014 05:00 AMPosted by Sarakatawen
Just ask in a new thread. No need to necro.

They're not. They're mocking a post from 2012. The pinnacle of wit.
Just report.
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