Raid times:
Tues and Thurs 11:00-1:30 Server Time
Sunday 10:00-1:30 Server Time

100% understanding of your class' mechanics, stat priorities, and raid utility.
Ability to hear and speak with vent
Prior raid experience
Vouches from people we know

What to expect from us:
Maturity and a Zero dramalama policy
As always we provide all raid consumables feast, flask, pots)
Laid back but strict while raiding atmosphere
Alot of BoPs on melee in 5 mans
The opportunity to be competative in PvE content
Alot of history from members dating back to Molten Core

To apply /who I Pull Aggro IRL and speak with a member that can direct you to an officer or simply respind to this post with any questions you may have.

We have a near full roster of former members just looking for potential takers, our interests include but are not limited to (Brewmaster Tank, Resto Shaman, Various competetive DPSers

If you feel that your ability to be a serious raider is not being used in your current Guild come chat with me, we have little to no drama and maturity is a plus.