Organization XIII and Sanctuary of the Fallen are both recruiting (Org XIII on Horde and SotF on Alli) for PvP. I'm not asking you to be a gladiator to join the guild, but you do need to have a few things, one of which involves guts. You must be able to take criticism and listen to directions. There will be intense training for RBG's and also training to better improve yourself in PvP(includes learning how to not click and keyturn, learning macros, and also learning how about other classes and more), which will also drastically increase your ability in raids. I am experienced in the PvP field and if both guilds generate enough interest, I will take it to the next level to raid for trinkets and lore and whatever else you guys would like. You can check my credentials if you don't believe me. Just armory either Clairvoyance or Ryznn. Thanks guys. See you in Azeroth!
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