<Internet Famous> Level 12 - 10 man raiding guild:

Monday: 9pm-12am EST
Tuesday: 9pm-12am EST
Wednesday: 9pm-12am EST
Thursday: 9pm-12am EST

Warrior - Prot
Paladin - Prot (High need); Holy (low need)
Hunter - CLOSED
Rogue - CLOSED
Priest - Shadow (High need)
Death Knight - Blood
Shaman - CLOSED
Mage - High Need.
Warlock - Low need
Monk - Brewmaster (Low need)
Druid - CLOSED

If your class is listed as closed, we still will consider exceptional applicants!

Many of our raiders have come from top US and even World ranked guilds, with top parses for their respective classes and specs. We are not looking to fool around with raiding, we have set out to become a dominate force this tier, and many tiers to come. We are looking for raiders who share our ideals and who are willing to dedicate their time into being the best.

Also, our recruitment for casual players is open! We have a very knowledgeable core group of members who are more than qualified to assist you with any problem you may come across in the world... of warcraft. Anyone interested in joining as a casual player should feel free to contact myself in game, I'd be more than happy to invite you!

If you're interested please feel free to contact me at: Mbrown1029@gmail.com Artisdead1023@gmail.com