[Horde] LFM Arena & RBGs, Late Fri/Sat Nights

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If you are interested, please contact me--Faeylin#1905--via battletag; make sure to mention who you are in the request!

<Cry of Luna> is interested in doing some serious PvP. We're looking for interested folks to join us for arena (3v3 and 5v5) and RBGs. We're currently scheduled to meet late Fri/Sat nights, 3AM-4:30AM Server; this would be Sat/Sun mornings if you want to be technical about it. We might run our PvP groups longer if people want to do so.

You do not have to be in guild to participate, but we hope to eventually run full guild teams on these nights.

Requirements to Participate

Gear yourself. While we'll be doing some Random BGs together, you want to farm a full set of honor gear ASAP. You wouldn't step into a raid in greens, and you really need your honor/conquest gear if you plan to be competitive.

Be enthusiastic about PvP! This should not be a chore, or something you cap. We're go to play to grow and skill (versus gear) up. Which brings us to...

Be skilled with your character! You don't have to be perfect, but we're looking for very high skilled folks for competitive play.

Be open to constructive feedback, both giving and receiving! We're going to prod and poke one another; we'll bring up CC and CDs when you die, and if you see something we could have done differently, we expect you to share your thoughts too! We're all here to get stronger and better.

Be a team player. While it's okay to be into yourself, have the ability to work as a team. Peeling dps off heals, capping a node instead of cementing a kill...all important to winning, and that's what we're after!

Be patient. We're going to lose sometimes. We will get our teeth kicked in. But there's always another queue to win. Especially in PvP, it's easy to get angry and bash others. Focus on what *you* could have done better, and keep your attitude positive!

Perks to Joining Us Regularly

Conquest Gear is 483 Loot. Better than MV LFR and almost as good as normal MV gear; the PvP stats on the gear is 100% completely free, so a 483 piece of PvP gear is always better than the 476 PvE purple. Plus, you have a nice set of high-end PvP gear for when you...PvP!

Free Gems & Enchants. If you join us regularly, Cry of Luna will cover your gems and enchants for your MS Conquest gear. If you have near 100% attendance, we might even cover your honor gear. This applies to non-guild members as well. How much sweeter can it get?

Hanging with good folks in an egalitarian environment. We believe in fostering a circle of equals, especially in a PvP environment. We'll have designated leaders at times, but everyone is open to share their thoughts and ideas (especially after each match)!

The Plan

If we have 10+ geared folks and a fair comp, we'll do Rated BGs; extra characters can run random BGs or arena, or possibly rotate into the RBG team.

If we have 5-10 interested folks, we'll split into 2 teams for random BGs or arena teams.

If we have 3-5 players online, we'll run a single random BG or arena team.

We will always run every Fri/Sat, rain or shine; at the very least Ahawie (aka Leyota) and myself will be doing something PvP-related

Current List of Interested Characters

I'll try to keep the list updated as people express interest; we also have an in-game calendar list for the group as well.

Ahawie - Shadow Priest
Faeylin - Resto Druid; also Praesha - Enhancement Shaman

For more information about Cry of Luna, check our website at cryofluna.com or visit our recruitment thread on these forums at: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1127128287
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90 Troll Druid
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90 Troll Druid
And this one too. Thanks!
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90 Troll Druid
We're going to be gathering tonight at 3:00AM Server. If you're interested, /who Cry of Luna and ask for Faeylin; alternately you can battletag friend me at Faeylin#1905
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90 Troll Druid
We had a lot of fun last night, and we plan to do it again tonight. We mostly hit random BGs (we had 5 people) and farmed up some honor; Aha and I got a little arena in there.

We're meeting again tonight at 3:00AM
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