Hey Hydrax Hordies,

Looking for people who want to do a weekly RBG team, not sure if there's even enough interest to get a real team together who will show up weekly but even if we just had a couple who were g2g every week so we could get better together it would be nice. I should have at least 4 from guild with me and depending on what toons they want to bring I'm just gonna start with the basics.

1 Prot Warrior/Blood DK with proper gear/spec (resil gemmed reforged etc etc)
1 Skilled BM hunter (no backpedallers need apply)
1 Disc
1 Lock

If I can find these 4 and they are skilled I can make a solid team out of guildies and a few pugs if need be.
I am not a 2200 player and don't require any achievs to come play, just have a good attitude, know your class/spec, have vent/skype, listen to directions and strats, and KILL HEALERS!!!

I don't get on here much so please just wisp me in game, hoping for a Monday Squad if possible so if you're serious please make sure you are available.