Sick of Blizz Lies about hearing feedback

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Blizz LOVES to say they appreciate our feedback and really do listen to what we say.

I have one question: Where's the proof?

All I hear is doublespeak, which has several defining features:

-distorts reality
-pretends to communicate
-makes the bad seem good
-avoids or shifts responsibility
-creates incongruity between reality and what is said or not said

I know plenty of examples where it seems feedback is being ignored.

1) CRZ - has there been any changes to this other than the correction of bugs? Has anything been more screamed about? I am yet to see anything to really make CRZ more enjoyable for players. and then's there's the who 2-passenger fiasco. Where it went from unknown bug, known bug, to actually being an intended part of CRZ.

Aferall, everything in this game ends up being "as intended"

2) Brawler's Guild

Again, we get a large blue post, so they do seem to know we are upset.

However, the latest patch of 5.1 is now marked for live, and the brawler's guild remains exactly as planned.

3) Dailies

I'm going to focus on the plain-out misleading done here. They championed the fact that they were removing head enchants, spoke to us at length about how pandaria would be the expansion where we could do whatever we want, and grind/quest wherever we wanted.

The reality: they removed head enchants, put virtually everything else behind faction grinds.
I mean, what people hated the most in cata was doing the dailies for the rep enchants, and blizz seemed almost giddy to tell us they were being removed. Then they replaced it with about 6 versions of it, lowered the vp cap, gold in dungeons, and effectively made dungeons useless once you have heroic gear.

TL;TR: Very tired of being mislead and lied to by this gaming company.

I want to make it very clear that I actually enjoy questing and dailies. Take a look at my rep, only AC left. My issues are with Blizz PR. They first say one thing that sounds promising, then say something else, that seems completely contradictory to the first announcement and removes the positive of the first announcement. It's a horrible typical blizz pattern:

Announcement 1 about X: Sounds awesome!

Announcement 2 about x with more details: Souns horrible, couldn't it be tweaked?

Announcement 3 about x: we hear you have issues. We want to hear them please!

Then X is released as intended without any tweaks. Case in point, the brawler's guild in 5.1

I also feel this latter post does a much better job of articulating the point I am trying to get across. I apologize for not being more eloquent.

11/13/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Maigraith
A couple simple recent examples would be raising the Arena and Rated Battleground base point caps or the upcoming changes to the way that Pandaria faction reputation is gained by alternate characters on an account.

I don't really agree with the OP's premise that Blizzard never listens, but this is a really bad example of Blizzard listening to feedback. It is, in fact, a prime example of Blizzard completely missing the point of feedback. We asked for an alternative to the daily grind, especially for alts, and you gave us a way to make the rep grind quicker. That isn't a solution to the issue we've raised.

The OP is quite hyperbolic, but I kind of see where he's coming from. Obviously, Blizzard has done a good job of listening to feedback historically, but -- and this may be my imagination -- it does seem like you're taking more of an, "our way or the highway" philosophy lately. Don't like dailies? Too bad; we're not offering an alternative model of progression. Don't like CRZ? Too bad; there's not going to be an opt-out.

I think you guys have forgotten -- or never realized -- that one of the things that made WoW so great was that it was a "big tent" game where people had a lot of choice in how to play. Moving away from that is only going to lead to players feeling disenfranchised.


And now, we have exampleS within THIS VERY THREAD:

Also, the OP pointed out you guys say stuff that isn't even true and back it up like it is.

because there was no other way to obtain those particular power increases no matter what else you did in the game

You could level Inscription for the shoulder enchant. But I guess in your book "no other way to obtain those power increases" doesn't include, you know, an alternative way to attaining those power increases.

11/13/2012 09:17 PMPosted by Haurd
Noticed you simply skipped the part about ignoring CRZ and Brawlers guild feedback.

I didn't read every page, just the Blue posts but... Did they completely skip over the main issue the OP talked about which was CRZ...

I saw talk on the third issue regarding enchants and the dailies... but no CRZ... Which kind of proves OPs point in making the fact they ignore half the important issues that go on and talk about the miniature things like enchants
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Just because they don't make the changes you want doesn't mean they don't listen, or that they're lying.

Though, I still don't get CRZ.
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Listening does not preclude disagreeing.
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TL;TR: Very tired of being mislead and lied to by this gaming company.

Then go play games from a different gaming company. Problem solved.
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Lil FYI, just because you see feedback on the forums doesn't make it the popular vote. You might see 10,000 posts on how crappy CRZ is, but the other 99.9% of the subs aren't here complaining about it.

The forums get filled with a lot of negative feedback because it's the best place to get the community talking about things. However, there are probably 1-2 threads about how good things are to the 10 threads saying changes need to be made. This is because happy people don't generally come here to state their opinions. They are happy, therefor they don't see the need to speak up.
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11/13/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Librily
Blizz LOVES to say they appreciate our feedback and really do listen to what we say

Listen, not "obey".

I listen to your complaining; I didn't agree.
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Fan of Knives
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11/13/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Librily
I have one question: Where's the proof?
You want proof they sit and read what you type?

What do you want, a video of them reading the forums?
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11/13/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Librily
I have one question: Where's the proof?

In case you missed it...

Players: We want to change the way our armor looks.
Blizz: No. We are dead set against this. We have a theme and a vision for how things are to look....etc.
Blizz: Ok...lets do it but we'll start slow.
Players: Thanks for listening Blizz.
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11/13/2012 09:44 AMPosted by Maladomini
The OP has a point.. They did specifically say that they felt it was too much for players to feel that they had to grind reputations for head and shoulder enchants and then they turn around and put the enchants for other slots behind reputations.

The shoulder enchants and head enchants had always been obtained only by one method, and their was only one good one for each spec/class. Enchantments from an enchanter vary. I can get different ones for my weapons, as a healer, that are good. Most of the enchants are obtained just from a trainer. Enchants that might be favorites are better quality are behind rep, but that's never been a new concept. Previously, we were forced to get reputation to enhance pieces at all.
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The OP has a point.. They did specifically say that they felt it was too much for players to feel that they had to grind reputations for head and shoulder enchants and then they turn around and put the enchants for other slots behind reputations.

Blizzard does do a lot of backtracking when it comes to stuff like this, and they have for as long as I can remember. The problem is that after several years of it, it's like a pile of !@#$ in the middle of the barn.

That's a bit misleading, don't you think? They REMOVED head enchants entirely and gave scribes the ability to make the shoulder enchants that are able to be sold/traded/gifted to others. At NO point are mandatory enchants hid behind reputation grinds. The BEST enchants are gated, true. But the content is being cleared withOUT BiS enchants which begs the question: If you have trouble clearing content at appropriate ilvl that many people already HAVE cleared, is it more a question of gear or player skill?
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Are we ignoring past instances of Blizzard altering the game or their plans for the game based on massive feedback? Because it seems like we are.
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I'm getting tired of repeating this....
YOU DON'T NEED TO DO DAILIES TO GET GEARED, of you lvl up to 90 you would probably be hnored with the klaxxi or sha do pan... There, you have like 3 epics to spend VPs on... Why do you need more???

Please, do 10 man raids and stop the QQ, and even if you get the Gear that is behind the reputation in all the factions, WHY DO YOU NEED GEAR IF YOU ARE NOT EVEN GOING TO RAID 10 or 25 man??

This is completly pointless!!!
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Rather than list these three concepts that you think absolutely need to be changed (which much of the community does not agree with, nor does Blizzard), you could present all of the changes Blizzard DOES make based on player feedback. That would be a more accurate evaluation of their approach to feedback. And these changes happen all of the time. LFR Garalon is just one of the most recent examples. Everyone's wiping on him, complaining that it's too hard of a boss fight for a random group, so a prompt hotfix gets applied.

They listen to what the players say. You just choose not to notice.
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