Sick of Blizz Lies about hearing feedback

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11/16/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Your guess is spot on. We are constantly gathering and analyzing information on gameplay. Raw data is tremendously useful, but it doesn't really offer context, which is why other sources of information are essential.

Just to offer my two cents on this, I think you would see that with regard to dailies, a lot of people (such as myself) are doing the dailies because we feel we "have" to. I realize that's not true in the strictest sense of the word, but that is how I, and a number of others, feel.

Anyway, my point is, the raw data would just say that we're players among millions who are doing the dailies, which taken in that context would suggest we love them. The reality is that I actually despise them but I just feel like that's about all there is to do if I'm going to progress without spending a ton of gold, or raiding. I don't like the feeling, but I do them nonetheless. A perfect example of what you're saying regarding other sources of info.

Thanks for the post though. I can't say I agree with every decision Blizz makes, but for the most part I'm steadfastly in Blizzard's corner. No game (other than D3 that is :( ) has let me down yet! And that goes right back to Rock 'n' Roll Racing.... SO AWESOME!
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I'm sure Blizzard didn't intend to make your life more worse Meiyun. Not sure why you brought that part up.
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I'm getting a bit sick and tired of hearing blue's respond that basically Blizzard cares instead of any attempt to address peoples actual concerns about CRZ and daily quests.

So far its been Blizzard loves you and CRZ is wonderful and you don't have to do dailies. Which at least a good chunk of people disagree with. Can you attempt to address the issues people have with these design choices directly, at least once? It's starting to become obvious there needs to be one of those dev water cooler things on these issues.
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11/16/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Alera
I did state why, with as much detail as I could in the limited-character box. ^_^

Well I'm sure you'll be back but take note posting it here to would of helped to and not question why you're here.
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I didn't read it all, but after a quick skim I saw no mention of BOTS...
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You know people say "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." Sometimes they just change that sucker.

What I am saying here is that just because you demanded oil, doesn't mean the result will be your exact desire. I would assume with great confidence that the MAJORITY of people that complain about the game have a personal bias and agenda that only takes into account their own personal gain or QoL. Now there are times when a large portion of the player-base are correct and agree on something that makes a lot of sense (i.e. Rep Grinds on Alts). For those former people, such as the OP, they only see the world through their biased blinders. The developers and Blizzard as company have to look at World of Warcraft holistically and what effects even the smallest of change can bring.

For example,

Blizzard introduces a change that makes Frostbolt crits apply the Frostbolt debuff 3x or grant a proc of Brain Freeze if the debuff is already present.

Think about this for a second. That minor change would cause Frost Mages to have quite a substantial PvE and PvP damage output increase. Their QoL would go through the roof. It would cause raids to pigeonhole Mages into Frost. The other specs are viable, but Frost outperforms them. And we are already topping meters, Frost would just widen that gap further. Progression Raiders and Challenge Moders when picking a Mage for DPS would just take Frost, or prefer it over Fire and Arcane. Frost PvP is already awesome, this would up our burst beyond what it already is.

So what you have to think about is... everything. That is the challenge of a game designer, or any designer for that matter.

How can we change A to buff up B which affects C without destroying D, E, F, G, H, I, etc..... Does this change counter our design philosophy? Is the QoL a significant advantage for those playing the class over those who aren't?

And not to mention, the majority of people tend to write out complaints/criticisms that are absolutely degrading to Blizzard and their PR guys. Be mature about your criticisms, and be as constructive as possible. 9/10 I see blues being stoned on the forums. It's awfully sad that Blizzard has given to the public rich franchises filled to the brim with content and lore. I mean they turned an actively progressing story into a game that you can immerse yourself in! They literally made you a hero of their story. And at the end of the day, something fantastic to complain about. Show some appreciation and give them GOOD feedback.
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With respect to CRZ.....As it now allows cross realm parties, and other interactions that are cross realm, it seems to me that it could play an integral role in allowing BOA's to be sent cross realm. If this is true, it would help outweigh some of the negatives.
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11/16/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Daxxarri
We have a long tradition of explaining our design decisions. In addition the various posts we make on the forums, there are numerous Dev Watercooler blogs authored by Ghostcrawler and other developers that exist solely to discuss what we're thinking, and why we're thinking it. Those vary in frequency since, ultimately, developer time is best spent doing things like developing World of Warcraft.

I really would like to see a GC blog on dailies and their continuing role in MoP. But I don't think you guys have really had enough time to fully absorb the feedback and figure out what a good response to it is.
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I'm getting a bit sick and tired of hearing blue's respond that basically Blizzard cares instead of any attempt to address peoples actual concerns about CRZ and daily quests.

So far its been Blizzard loves you and CRZ is wonderful and you don't have to do dailies. Which at least a good chunk of people disagree with. Can you attempt to address the issues people have with these design choices directly, at least once? It's starting to become obvious there needs to be one of those dev water cooler things on these issues.

I'm sorry, did you read the last couple of posts from blues?

They are discussion the issues. Just because they don't have a concrete answer for you doesn't mean they aren't addressing it behind the scenes.
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CRZ continue to affect game performance every time I try to move from on zone to another. That by itself makes this "feature" something that does not enhance from my gameplay but takes away from it.

I feel like rep grind, dungeon difficulty, raid lockouts and difficulty are all contributing to the biggest problem in our community, which is that it divides it. Once you are done with one aspect of the game, there is no reason for you to go back to it because in reality it is not fun anymore. Any time that you are "forced" to do content a certain way, it makes it content you don't want to see over and over.

During wrath I went back to dungeons with friends over and over, alts, and never really got sick of it (with the exception of Oculus, how I hated that place.) During Cata, it became really tedious to do some dungeons, to the point that even if friends were leveling alts, you really did not want to go back to them. The Z dungeons in particular left me as exhausted as I feel after doing just a couple of faction dailies.

Dungeons and normal raids used to be places where you could go have fun with your guildies and friends and still get rewards from it. Now, there is really no reason for you to go back or your play time is plagued by the rep grind that is said to be optional.

I guess the "choice" of being able to do LFR to see raid content is now there, but it does not compare at all to the fun 25 ICC guild runs with alts, or pugs of wrath. LFR feels more like a slot machine for gear that seems to make some happy and others frustrated that the gold does not even cover repairs for groups that don't listen that the floor is going to drop, or that the adds are priority.

While the MoP is beautiful, and the content is engaging the first time around we are really not getting to enjoy it with friends anymore. The content is something that we don't even want to go back and do with alts. The game design is really driving people to just log in, grind whatever they need for the day and log off. I personally feel like you don't listen because while complaints have been addressed, it only solved half of the issues.

For example, head and shoulder enchants. All we wanted was for them not to be soulbound, instead you now put gear behind a rep grind just like you did in the molten front. People did not do those dailies because they enjoyed them, they did them because of the rewards behind them.

Also, I don't think the discussion of everyone having purples is dead. I have never been a true heroic raider, and honestly don't feel like purples should be as easy to obtain as they are now. That nothing was done about that does not mean that everyone is happy about it now. There is a huge difference between liking something and simply accepting it because there is no other choice.

I think the solution is pretty simple.

Add rep tabards back into the game again so we can do dungeons if that is what we like to grind. Some of us enjoy that way more than getting a couple of button action bar for yet another bombing run. That would be a true choice rather than having to grind dailies that are fun maybe the first couple of times you do them... by the fourth time they are mind-numbing at least to me. Not to mention the fact that playing an alt now makes me exhausted just thinking about it. As of right now, none of my alts will grind rep or get much play.
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If blizz really listened to feedback they would know the RBG spell change was requested by nobody, but yet they still did it, and don't reply to anything in the pvp forums.
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They are discussion the issues. Just because they don't have a concrete answer for you doesn't mean they aren't addressing it behind the scenes.

Some players seem to think that...

If Blizzard doesn't implement exactly what the player demanded - that they don't listen.

If Blizzard clearly listened on place but not another - that they don't listen.

If Blizzard disagrees with a demand - that they don't listen.

If Blizzard literally responded to their post, explaining exactly why they weren't going to implement what the player wanted - that they don't listen.

It really does seem some players say "Blues! I demand an answer!".. and then the blues say "The answer is NO.".. and then the player says "That's not the answer I wanted! THE BLUES DON'T LISTEN TO FEEDBACK!"
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What I'm saying is this game is my release. CRZ was thrown in our faces as a way to make the game more enjoyable.

Obviously it was. While empty zones didn't bother me, I can see why it bothered people. It is a MMORPG after all. It was before CRZ and still is now it's just before CRZ it was hurt.

It hasn't.
Not by a long shot.

I can attest to those victims of gankers and PVP that it has made things worse. If those Dark Portal battles are anything, it's one consequence of CRZ.

They shouldn't have thrown this live with all the bugs, and to date, one has been fixed. ONE.

Clearly they shouldn't have if it was too buggy but I wonder if they felt it would get people back or what not. Maybe it was a project they wanted to do. I can live without CRZ but I will miss seeing good amount of people in Goldshire and other low level zones.

Lots of things have bugs and sometimes it gets through. Admittingly though there are a good amount where it should of either did more testing on a seperate PTR server for testing purposes and ruling out bugs.

See where I'm going here?

CRZ isn't a magic fix.

No it is not but fixes aren't a flip of a switch either, nor is fixing bugs.

They have only helped with PVP. Nothing else. Period.

Maybe help it but it's certainly hurt it to along with other PVE aspects as well.

I don't WANT to be on a high-pop server. I transferred OFF a high-pop server because I like the pace of a MEDIUM pop server. Why should blizzard take it upon themselves to say, "You like medium populations? Too bad. YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS CRAMMED TO THE RAFTERS WITH PEOPLE."

Listen to me closely. CRZ WAS NOT INTENDED TO FIX LOW POPULATION SERVERS, ONLY FOR LOW LEVEL ZONES. Now that's out of the way I understand the frusteration but don't assert CRZ was to fix realm populations, it wasn't.

They have made realm transfers WORTHLESS.

Not really true because again CRZ wasn't intended to fix realm populations.

You pay $25 to move your toon elsewhere. You should NOT have to see anyone from that old realm if you don't want to. CRZ forces that on you. It's happened to many players. You can't report them. You can't ignore them. Buck up and take the abuse? I don't think so.

I believe you're IMO noting bugs and I would have a problem with that as well. I'd like to be able to report others from other realms. With that said, PEOPLE SHOULD BE WILLING to report people on their own realm to if they disobey the rules.
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