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I was compelled to post a thread after scanning over Lithashars' post, regarding her moving to Sisters of Elune, from Wyrmrest Accord.
As I've been thinking of doing the same!
The past year or so has been a non stop server hopping, alt leveling mess. And I'm on the verge of a burnout.
I've been keeping my chin up, though, hoping to find a home in one of the smaller, more tightly knit roleplaying communities. The idea of a smaller population has been extremely appealing to me, lately. :)
I figured it's time I gave Sisters of Elune a try. And I'm excited! I'm eager to experience all the Azeroth has to offer. I just need a community I can experience it with. I think a fresh start is what I need. Seeing all the unleveled, ungeared characters on Wyrmrest is awfully depressing, sometimes.
That being said, I would love your support, Sisters of Elune. I haven't quite decided whether or not I'll be sticking with the Alliance, as I've been for the last year or so, or make the transition back in to being a horde native.
But I would really appreciate any information you can give. How is the roleplay, the community, the experience, etc, playing on Sisters of Elune.
A thank you to anybody who takes time to respond. :)
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11/13/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Jacky
But I would really appreciate any information you can give. How is the roleplay, the community, the experience, etc, playing on Sisters of Elune.

It's alright? Nice people here and there, roleplaying here and there, just keep in mind that as far as I know this is the lowest population RP server US side so you've got everything that goes with a low population realm really.
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Welcome to Sisters of Elune!! I'd personally say you came to the right place, however I am biased a smidge (*wink*) There are active RP'ers on both sides, some do tend to keep to themselves though every so often we like to rear our heads publicly. Sadly, we have a few trolls as per comes with every server and thus why our players tend to keep to themselves at times.

For starters, both factions have a channel dedicated to helping RP'ers find one another. Just type /join RPchatter . Some of the more active guilds can be found listed on one of the stickied threads of this forum, and there is a community site for the RP'ers of Sisters of Elune for RP, RP planning, general bicker, guild listings and more. Visit

For an example, and I apologise if I leave any of the guilds out, this is just a list off the top of my head after a long day. Feel free to threaten me with your wrath if I leave anyone out. Ally side, Clockwerk, Underground Covenant, Rangers of Alterac, Time, Crimson Masquerade, Luna Accord, Knights of New Avalon are some of the guilds you will see around. Some are RP optional guilds like Underground Covenant and Crimson Masquerade. Time and Rangers of Alterac are geared for the more heavy RP'ers. Then there are RP'ers sprinkled in through out other guilds.

As for horde side, I am a little less familiar as only one of my characters on this realm is horde, guilds I know RP are the Broken House and Hand of the Sun. I know there are more here, and I apologize for my lack of knowing for that faction. Several of the players play both sides, so there's a chance you could find some one from either faction alting with the enemy. XP

I highly suggest creating a low level alt and run around, /who any of the guilds I listed, search for others on the guild recruit list, and definately poke your head into the RP chatter. Most generally someone is in the channels that will be more than happy to help you. And finally, please keep in mind most of us are adult players, we have real lives outside of the game. If you don't find some one or something in the first day, it doesn't mean we're not here, contrary to what some trolls may say. A few of our guilds even have intertwining story lines, and often host get together's open to the RP community.

If you do create an alt you can toss the name here ot to me in game and I'll be happy to add you to the events calenders for the invites. There is a Song and Tankard event held at the Blue Recluse on Saturdays and a story hour both on Horde and ally side. Horde is every Sunday at 7 in TB and ally is usually on Thursdays in Darnassus. I'll have to check with Viloche and see what's up with those.

In any case Welcome, and I hope you find what you're looking for!
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Hey there. I just transferred here from a PVP server so I don't have much input...I'm still getting used to it and don't know anyone here yet. I've already noticed that the server is much friendlier overall than the one I came from, but that's likely due to my transfer being from PVP to RP. PVP servers in general aren't known for their friendly communities.
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Welcome to you both, Jacky and Kepora! I hope you'll enjoy SoE!
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