Beautiful Death> is Recruiting for our 25man Progreesion team.
We're currently looking for:
1-2 Trial Healers (MUST HAVE DPS OFF SPEC or be willing to work on one)
Ranged and Melee Dps (not excluding any classes as we are currently WELL balance on what we have) (LOW ON HUNTERS and 0 Ferals and Shadow Priests)
Were interested in players looking to push their character into Heroic content.
4/6(Mogushan Vaults) as of October 26th

Raiding Teams
Beautiful Death currently has our 25man raid team forming with a CURRENT 2 10s raiding which will become the 25 with the help of others like you. For times on the raids please contact Kazandu, Stire, Fusoya, Varial. Our loot system is a simple EPGP system, you get points for Effort and Points for gear. If Trial members join the raiding team their Loot is restricted for first week as to keep it fair to our vets who have been pushing the content with us. Trial will last 1-2 weeks based on performance. (IT CAN LAST LONGER depending on the Raid Leads decision)


Social Community
Beautiful Death is a very social guild most of the social activity takes place in vent. It is very highly recommended that you join vent when you are in game to chat and get to know your fellow guild mates. Please show all members respect. Get involved with your guild, check with guild when you queue up for randoms, pvp, or quest. Don’t expect others to ask you take it upon yourself to ask them.

Achievements and old content
Beautiful Death works on achievements and old content we try to schedule these things for off raids nights such as the weekend. Anyone in guild can set up an achievements run or old content raids.

There are a few people that do pvp in Beautiful Death although it is not the guilds main focus. Currently Kazandu and Itstoes are looking to start another RBG team for the guild if your interested feel free to contact them.

Officers: Varial, Fusoya, Stire, Kazandu
Raid Leads/Assts: Dryg, Autumnxblaze, Toes

Feel free to contact ANY of these people with ANY questions or with any interest in the guild.