Fellow members of the Horde, something is taking place with in our faction that will lead to our undoing. Even though our culture has always been constant battle, the ways of thinking the Pandaren's bring have shown us our destructive society. We will always fight the Alliance, always have something to battle against, always on the edge of corruption.Our Horde society is worth fighting for! The lore we have song, the lessions we have learned, and the culture we should share. Not the thirst for bloodshed but, all the other asspects of a society, like the Pandaren do.

That is why the we ask all free souls to join us. We are not a guild, we are unbeholden to the petty games orders and guilds play with one another, keeping their culture to themselves. The society aims to spread the Horde culture for unity, victory with honor and respect over the Alliance, and to achieve a balance that has not been seen since the Warchief Thrall, when he still went by that name.

((Mail me or Pst. The ads are ICly in the cities and it would tell you how to find me, I leave to you the manner in which it happens. This is no guild, its an IC RP channel in game. a place for RPers to find planned and random RP: )