Stone guard kill video and recruitment

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I know its late in the game but I figure I'd post our kill videos anyway while also posting for recruitment. Currently we have 3 raid groups running MV now. Our 3rd group will make its first attempt this week while groups 1 and 2 are 4/6. Currently group 2 are seeking range dps to fill their raid group and group 1 are seeking healers with a DPS os prefereably resto druid/boom or resto shaman/ele and monk mist/wind.

More kill videos to come the next week and hopefully we should get an MV clear the next week if we happen to get the desired raid comp for the fight.
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Relevant to your video, the Stone Guard are actually cats.

Common mistake =)
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90 Pandaren Monk

let's say 1/3 dog 2/3 lion
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90 Human Warrior
^ They're foo dogs!
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Quality of the video looked good! You should look into getting rid of the black area around the video though. This will most likely involve stretching the video to fill the visible area within your editor, or setting the export area when compiling, or something; but I'm sure you can remove it.

My one other comment isn't about the video, but rather about your tanking method for it. Vellynda and I started out tanking that fight the exact same way you guys did in that video, with Vellynda always being the tank with 2 lions, and myself always being the tank with 1. However, once we started on heroic stone guard, we found that changing to a single taunt strategy was both simpler and more efficient. If you'll humor me, I'll explain why we switched and try to turn you into fellow believers (muhahahaha):

Advantages of single taunt swapping:
- Simpler
- Less chance for error
- The lions don't gain as much energy while they are in transition between the tanks.

Disadvantage of single taunt swapping over a double swap:
- The melee have to move more.

The way single taunt swapping works is simple. If you are the tank that only has one lion, and yours is the one that starts petrifying, then you taunt the lowest energy guardian (aka the one that last exploded) off the tank with two. Rinse and repeat until dead.

The only tricky part is in the beginning. If the petrification starts on the guardian that is by itself then the tank with the single guardian has to taunt either of the lions off the other tank (both the non-petrifying lions will be at about 30 energy), and then both tanks wait until the petrifying lion is at 50 energy. At this point the tank with one lion taunts the petrifying guardian back to his side. Alternately, if you don't get bad luck and the petrification starts on one of the two lions being tanked together, then you just wait until petrifying guardian is at 50 energy and the tank with one taunts it over. In both cases the start is the ONLY time you taunt the petrifying lion. From there you just proceed with the strategy I described above, with the single guardian tank always taunting the lowest energy lion off the tank with two if his activates.

I'm not sure if the energy gain is any faster on heroic, but what I do know is random explosions on heroic are bad. In the "worst case" scenario I described above you will have two lions with 80 energy, and one with 0 if you execute the proper procedures effectively. Having only 20 energy until they explode does not leave a lot of room for mistakes or slow reaction times. But what's even worse than that, is if you use the "double" taunt strategy where the same tank always has two lions. In this case, the two lions in question will have MORE than 80 energy a piece, because as they are passing each other during taunt swaps, they will still be gaining energy. Furthermore, there's more chance for someone to taunt the wrong lion when you are doing a double taunt swap.

So basically, we found the single taunt strategy to be much more effective and our melee just have to deal with it. <3
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To get rid of the black you need to make sure you Render in 720p 1280x720.

Also you might have 2 render 2 videos, 1 with keep aspect ratio off and 1 with keep aspect ratio on, 1 might have black on the edges and one might not, but make sure its in 720p 1280x720 (if 720p is to big of a file size go with the next lowest size)

Last but not least make sure it is 16:9.

EDITING TO SAY: if you need any help editing videos I am totally willing to walk you through some steps to increase the quality/get rid of black stuff over skype or vent.
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90 Human Warrior
See this is why even though this server is small, everyone alliance or horde are always out to assist anyone that asks for help.


Thanks for the tip. Originally we started with the one taunt strat for normal but found that our dps was lacking due to having heavy melee. When we first started we were a heavy melee group, so that is the only reason why we had to do the double taunt strat for more dps (we hit enrage too many times) and as others got geared we kinda just stuck with it. I may practice again to prepare for heroics.


Thanks for the tip. Currently I'm using fraps to record and using the windows movie maker to do my editing. I'll make sure to adjust my settings to get rid of all the black area. By chance, do you happen to know of any better (free) video recording and video editing software.

Thanks Drak'thul you are the best.
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You can get a 30 day free trial of camtasia, fraps is the best recording software and movie maker usually works fine, but camtasia will have more editing options. However it is only a 30 day trial.
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