Guild: Field of War
Server: Uther
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times: To come...
Guild Type: PvE Focus, and just chating
Age Preference: any age

Looking for: Any welcome, but Looking for levels 60+ to start on the Classic Raids for fun and working together.

Hello to all!

I am posting on the forums in hopes of finding better luck in recruiting members. This guild accepts any and all members, alts included, but is looking for active members to raise the level of the guild and to enjoy our time together. While the guild is focused on Raiding and Instances, we also do not mind in PvP and other activities in WoW.

Also while the guild is small we enjoy helping each other out whenever we can. So if you want an old fashioned guild that helps their members out, via running an instance or helping to quest, Field of War is for you.

See you soon!
Macavity, Guild Master