ILVL 481 Resto / Ele Shaman LF Raid guild

90 Pandaren Shaman
Hi i am looking for a 10 /25 M raiding guild pref 25M but will do either that raids Tuesday and Wednesday. I work sun, mon, thur, fri so i can only raid tue and wed. I am 4/6 MSV 25m.

My current guild is not progressing in 25's because we are having attendance issues and we are carrying some lower end dps. I am looking for a guild that is atleast 4/6 on farm or higher. I have plenty of exp in 5/6 just unable to kill because of some players in our raid.

Please find me in game on Shattér or you can email me at

thank you.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
I understand completely. I think a lot of guilds are having underperforming DPS issues as of lately. I know we certainly have been. I wish you the best of luck in finding a raid group.
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90 Night Elf Priest
We're interested in having you as a Prot Paladin!

(During server maintenance please contact me via Email -

>Snip the long posts<

No BS Here,
My guild "XiT Strategy" is reforming their 10M core
and is looking to quickly fill the remaining spots with
dedicated, skilled raiders with progression raiding experience.

Once reformed we hope to clear all current raids in normal mode
in a timely manner, quickly moving into heroics shortly there after.

Raid Times:
T/Th/M 6-10PM Server (West Coast Server).

If interested,
You can read my full thread here -->
You can contact me via Battletag --> Fuzed#1672
You can go straight to our site and apply -->

Please note, We do NOT offer paid transfers at this current time.
We're looking for those who can afford the expenses to join us on
US-Lightbringer and kick some serious end-game content @#$!
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90 Pandaren Priest
strip for me
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90 Human Priest
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5 Draenei Warrior
Name changes won't help you. You will always be known as a ninja looter on this server.The shadow remembers....
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100 Human Warlock
12/01/2012 10:12 PMPosted by Puppyslayer
Name changes won't help you. You will always be known as a ninja looter on this server.The shadow remembers....

I like the last sentence on this post. Adds a certain vigilante-esque tone to it.

Maybe "The Shadow" isn't the vigilante Lightbringer wants...but the vigilante Lighbringer needs.
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