Rate that Xmog and name above you.

Mog 8/10
Name 10/10

Love your mog set and the name matches nicely but the shield doesn't really match.
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100 Tauren Paladin
8/10 for Transmog
9/10 for Name

Nice mog set!
90 Dwarf Paladin
8/10 Transmog: Not really a fan of that particular armor set's design, but all the red seems fitting for a raging bull.

10/10 Name: Took one look after refreshing Paladin main page and laughed.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
8/10 for Transmog
-Love the green and the fitting guild name although the helm seems a bit out of place

6/10 for Name
-Kind of a cool name for a Dwarf but I'm not a fan of the funny characters
90 Blood Elf Paladin
8/10 for transmog. i really like the orange version of the crystalforged set.
7/10 name. very unique
90 Tauren Paladin
8/10 for transmog.
9/10 name.
90 Tauren Paladin
7/10 for transmog, could use a different mace.
10/10 for name. Literally made me lol, very original.
90 Human Paladin
7/10 for transmog, could use a different mace.
10/10 for name. Literally made me lol, very original.

6/10 Lose the helmet bro.
100 Tauren Paladin
9/10. The sword could use a better model.
90 Draenei Paladin
9/10 .. helm looks funny on a tauren.. but those shoulders are huge!
100 Blood Elf Paladin

That set goes well on a Draenei. Interesting name, sounds suitable for a Draenei.
100 Blood Elf Paladin
7/10 name
7/10 transmog
90 Human Paladin
+1 for Bulwark
90 Human Paladin
10/10 for transmog, because you found some pants that match
7/10 meeeeh for name
90 Human Paladin
7/10 for the mog, very shiny. 2/10 for the name. I'm not sure if im too drunk or if thats english.
7/10 for the Mog (That shade of green reminds of of an old hospital)

10/10 for the name.
90 Tauren Paladin
4/10 for terrible helmet, non-matching belt and for barely fitting cape

6/10 name
90 Draenei Paladin
10/10 for the set. My favourite paladin set in the game. It's so... paladiny. Doesn't look to bad on you, either.

7/10 for the name. While creative, it's been done a million times.

(Still waiting for my matching shield from Gruul.)
Edited by Paz on 11/15/2012 1:37 PM PST
90 Human Paladin

8/10 for the set. Very nostalgic!
8/10 for the name, it's adorable sounding, yet retains the sentiment that you could kick my !@#.

*edit: Just picked up the mace today, looking for suggestions for a trans for it.
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